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BS Battery merupakan perusahaan global asal Prancis yang menjual jutaan aki ke seluruh dunia, terutama Eropa dan AS. Aki BS Battery sangat tahan lama sehingga MV Agusta mengadopsi aki BS Battery sebagai aki bawaan mereka pada tahun 2013.

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It was surprised at the merit of the affinity of the machine of a kawasaki with the trickster! When equipping, it was normal and it turned out that original ninja Power who had borne explodes! Isn't it a word of great !!?

Although in play was contributed as the point, if it is hard to use a photograph, please use here.

GPZ900R(ZrXZrX1200 DAEGExhaust SystemSpec. ).
I bought it with just a feeling I wanted to decrease the volume, but it got quiet as soon as it was on the inspection. The high rev range gives a comfortable sound.
Performance far better than Universal Product's Inner silencer and Baffle.
If you set Light Throw setting you will run without problems and again Torque has become much better.
After all I felt Baffle the best to use the exclusive one.

I am a beginner, the other day I bought a Racing Slip-on Silencer for yzfr 25 and tried to install it yesterday, but between Silencer and Pipe is a scrupula, I wonder if there are other parts that I have to purchase individually, Is it a mistake of the side ... I could not install it after all

The same Manufacturer's Silencer "Shotgun" I exchanged from.
As Shotgun is Small outline of Silencer,
The diameter of Pipe in the exhaust part also diminished Small sound quality was treble.

For this Silencer,
Both the outer shape and the exhaust Pipe became larger and larger, the exhaust noise became better with low sounds.

Although I will not say until heavy bass,
Better sound quality than before, personally I like the sound quality of this Silencer.

The Silencer Band was also included and easy to install.
The journey time is around 20 minutes.

The appearance is also good feeling that Titanium has baked color.

Purchased by being attracted to Design. It fits well with the sturdy style of ZrX 1200 DAEG. The sound is literally over low corresponding low bass echoes, and the mood rises completely. Throttle will ring when returning, but it can be suppressed almost by secondary AirCancellation.
A little more valuable than those of other companies, but it was good to buy.

The few Z250 (Ninja) During the Lineup of 250 SLFull Exhaust System, quality etc. etc. We decided on this product in consideration.
As for installation there is no need to process anything, there is no problem.
We will install OEM's O2 Sensor as it is.

No setting is fine, but Sub computeretc. You can expect better Fe Ring if you adjust with.

I removed the pig's nose and adjusted it accordingly (KITACO i-map) I am setting with.

Be careful as it has no Baffle setting, for Race tube It is just for w,

I am riding in Thailand's Bangkok, but of course it is very conspicuous because there are no other vehicles in it!

【What made you decide the purchase?】 I like the shape, Hex shape
【How was it actually used?】 There is a sense of quality
【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】 Especially it was easy without problems.
[Is there anything I was disappointed about?] Nothing in particular.
【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if there are any improvement points】 Please keep the price down.
【Have you compared items?】 Products of YOSHIMURA