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Many riders support Buggy's simple and casual items. They have a large lineup of essential riding items such as jackets, pants and gloves and also warmers to be ready for winter

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夏天的时候我就喜欢带半指手套,这样能够更好地停车时操作手机,牛皮的做工很赞,戴上手以后很凉爽透气,当然防护性肯定不及全指手套,所以当我佩戴半指手套骑行时,都不会骑得特别快,都是按照当前路面最高限速还低的速度骑行,这样能够确保行车安全 In the summer, I like to wear half-finger gloves, which can better operate the mobile phone when parking. The work of leather is very good. It is cool and breathable after wearing it. Of course, the protection is not as good as the full-finger gloves, so when I wear half-finger gloves When riding, you will not ride very fast. They are riding at the speed of the current maximum speed limit of the road, so as to ensure driving safety.(translated by Google Translator)

The position attached simply is also OK! Even if you contribute how many times, tell the reason for a send-off!

Did it come out instantly? Muffler for NINJA400!! I had the sound told instantly.
As [ be / sound / although it was a notation with 94db / a little louder than it ] -- From intermediate speed, elongation expects by the idling in which ? low-pitched sound sounded.
Unlike the authentic positive muffler which came out just for a moment, the opinion of the presence of the thing itself is uncanny in appearance! Tone also became satisfying.
How about buying [ since about 100,000 yen is carried out, are expensive goods, but ] it drastically at bonus time something?

In touch, touch & effectiveness condition is the highest as brembo truly! While it had been a pure caliper, it was going to make it the Big rotor, but brembo was used drastically and it was a correct answer!

It is rather good to be in a zephyr.

When I am riding in NORMAL all my height (167cm) So the Handlebar felt far away and the power entered weirdly, I felt exhausted, so I bought it. Attaching 5 mm that seems to be less influential because it is troublesome to adjust the suspension again. When I get in, I feel that Handlebar is close and operability and posture have improved. People with a low height are worth trying.

It is a return from a certain Slip-on Silencer company. As it is, performance and sound are good, I have made it think that this is enough.
But, again, OEM's heavy Exhaust pipe, intermediate Pipe, thermal corrosion peculiar to Stainless Steel became a matter of concern and began to think about replacement.
However, when becoming the Full Exhaust System
- Because exhaust gas regulation, low-speed air-fuel ratio is considerably thin, is not it sacrificing extremely low speed rotation stability?
- I will remove OEM's exhaust device, but what will be the impact?
In my case, I also use it for Gymkhana so low speed Smooth rotation stability is the most important factor.
I examined various Manufacturers, but there was not much information about this area. It was the capacity of the Exhaust System that decided the choice to challenge.
As a result, hits!
- There is no problem at low speed rotation stability which was a concern. It is not necessary to adjust the air-fuel ratio by Sub computer etc. in my run.
- There is no backflip that removed the exhaust device. Rather, it's about 2000 rpm gone.
You can swing small and small with deep banks at very low speed.
The sound is Mild, but when you open Throttle you will hear a rough sound like a straight four. It feels insufficient compared with the old deep bass of KERKER, but for Large people it is the proper volume. After Fire is also a bit out but it is not a Level to worry about.
It became Powerful from low speed to high speed, making it easier to get on over the whole area.
I should have done it from the beginning. This is fine.

It looks good.. I bought it expecting what type of exhaust sound with Single 250 and Titanium silencer but it was quite unpleasant sound quality to say clearly....

It became a sensual story but it was quite treble, and it sounded like the Silencer itself was ringing.
I think that it is a level that does not change with the PC 4 of FMF loudly, but against that feeling that there was quite bassful over there, here is an unfriendly treble noticeable.
As I had known, since it is an Exhaust System for Race,. Unlike PC 4 sold separately Restrictor installation etc etc. There is no muting means by.

I bought it and replaced it with Delta's Barrel 4 in a month so I brought it to Oakon. I thought that it was not an Exhaust System to issue 60,000 yen. I'm sorry.