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it works good perfect! 이제 거치대 그냥 놓고 가다녀도 될듯 합니다. 좋아용 배송도 저렴한걸로 했는데 생각보다 빨리 왔습니다. 물론 포장은 말할 것도 없고요. 위바이크 덕분에 용품들 저렴하게 잘 사용하고 있습니다. It is now possible to leave the cradle and leave it. Good I thought shipping was also inexpensive, but came sooner than I expected. Of course not to mention packaging. Thanks to the bikes above, I use the goods well cheaply. (Translated by google translation)

열쇠로 되어있는것을 사자니 비용이 만만치 않고 잠금장치를 안달자니 불안하고 이러나 저러나 마음먹고 뜯을려면 공구로 통채로 뜯어버릴거 같고.. 이런 고민속에 적당한 제품을 발견! 딱 좋습니다. 지나가다가 그냥 충동적으로 훔쳐가기에는 어려워 보이네요. 제가 필요한 용도로 딱입니다. Let's buy what's in the key. I'm nervous about the lock. If you want to do this, you'll be ripping it off with a tool. I found a suitable product in this trouble! It is just right. It seems hard to pass by and just steal impulsively. It is perfect for what I need. (Translated by google translation)

it works good perfect! 이제 거치대 그냥 놓고 가다녀도 될듯 합니다. 좋아용 배송도 저렴한걸로 했는데 생각보다 빨리 왔습니다. 물론 포장은 말할 것도 없고요. 위바이크 덕분에 용품들 저렴하게 잘 사용하고 있습니다.

Although it is displayed in the state of completion in the photograph, in fact, since each part arrives in the state of RoseRose, it has to be assembled, but the incorporation of Ball joint is impossible with ordinary human power. Although I fought for about two hours, the Holder broke so I threw it away. So I recommend a fixed product of Ball joint to some extent

In the accompanying Instruction Manual, the Equipment Rubber plug (Conical Rubber) Insert it into the Stem, mark it in the protruding part, and 1 inch towards the direction where the tip becomes narrower from there (About 25mm) Marked the part and marked it cut in two places - - - There is, but it can not fix well with that.

When inserting into the Stem, cut the part about 10 mm further downward from the upper part, 1 inch towards the direction where the tip is getting thinner (About 25mm) Cut the part of. If you insert it in the assembled state, it will completely enter inside as soon as you plug it into the Stem. This is a miso.

Also, use Washer and Nut anchor Attachment to choose One size Small thing from Limit entering Stem. Nut that is in Set is also Nut with locking prevention, but I use normal Nut. Even if you tighten it with a loose stopper it will rotate together.

Also, when installing, it is hang to inflate the Rubber to the very last minute not to get into the Stem if you do not do your best by tightening Bolt. If you tighten in this state, you can not fix it completely to Firmly, but you can fix it quite steadily.

I thought that it would be more convenient to have a smartphone in a touring, and various colors. And this is what I got. Usability was good as expected, but it is slightly unexpected that the X grip position fixing the smartphone slightly interferes with the charging terminal of the smartphone.. Basically, I use navigation while feeding. I wish I could shift the smartphone either up or down, but I wonder a bit of being unable to grip the center of the smartphone.. It seems there is no problem with an iPhone, it interferes with my docomo 's smartphone ... So I'm talking about buying anything other than X grips. But, I am satisfied with the easiness of attaching and removing a smartphone, holding power, so four stars.

I use it to fix ipad mini 4.
Since this product Single Body is weak in fixation, it can be fixed firmly by using it together with X-Grip holder UN 8.
Ipad mini 4 can be used even in the rainy season by using Case cover of Life proof sold separately.

When using a smartphone that is no longer used as a doreco, I bought it because it does not face the front of the car body.
Although it is possible to rotate 360 ??° at the Center part, if you try to tighten the Screw, it seems that the part to be fixed is determined, so it may not be fixed in the place you like. Still, I could bring a smartphone to my favorite place with a fine adjustment with Ball joint on Base side and Ball joint on Holder side.