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Bull's eye

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I mounted the pair on my Honda PCX. And the levers just fit on both sides perfectly. It was a little loose after mounting but after adjustment from Honda's technician, the problem was solved.

Carbon ticky texture, light intensity, strength, dissatisfied.

As the price is price, although I was prepared to some extent, Right is bokeh from the root in about one week of wearing!
On running, miserable Rear view - - - - -
Did you overtight it? No no, such a silly
When unfastening, loosen Nut and Left is also cool!

What 's this - - - -

Shape and appearance are also good.
However, the adhesiveness of the adhesive is slightly weak or the letter of R floats many times, so that it can not hold it many times by taking it away.
Also, why we do not have inventory, delivery is too late.
Without these two points of disadvantage, it is 100 points as a product......

Adjustment & Foldable, and Quantity : 1 Set of 2pcs. So this price is good.
Well, LeftLever has some Wobble, but I will try looking for a thin Washer at a later date.

Lever made by Bikers or Endurance, DRCetc. There was also a candidate, but I was attracted to this price. w

Where I was looking to replace it with LED Blinker,
Bullseye Material : I found a Carbon StyleBlinker!
Purchase for trial because the price is also cheap.
The real thing was Small Blown Blinker than I thought.
I was worried that Blinker would be hidden in Bikini cowl but the installation was attached as it was without additional work if some ingenuity was done.
Since High flasher occurs, other Register of Manufacturer is attached. Installation and lighting have no problem.
I do not dislike the shape of OEMBlinker so I can not deny it because I became Small for the first time after replacement but I think that overall it became Sharp and it became modern.

This time, exchange of Brake rotor, Red Pad and Brake hose
NORMAL 's Brake' s unusual sound has been concerned for a long time, and at that time it changed to increase the effectiveness.
Well, Rotor is very nice, it is a bargain, even from the price, and of course there is no noise and I'm refreshing
Size has been limited to the NORMAL diameter for future brembo attachment.

Buy with price and design.

I was able to install it while thinking about this, even though there was no manual.

However, I do not know if it is correct or not - - -

Color was required and Color was separately required one place for one.
I did not find a place to put a color that surplus, and since the Size of the hole is different and the Length is different in the missing part, I used it because I had Aluminum's color happened by chance.

After that, the hole diameter of Color slightly smalled into Shaft passing through Swingarm, so it was necessary to process a little at the Leutor as it did not enter all the way.

I am satisfied after installation, but I still wanted manuals, maybe it is tough if it is a beginner.

Emblem of OEM is expensive, so I chose this.
I feel that the texture is lower than OEM, but I think that making the details is also good for the price.
Quantity : 1 Set of 2pcs. So this price, I was fully satisfied.