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This is good.
After all, the place which can be felt is good.
In particular, it comes to be conspicuous for the acceleration from an inside high speed.
Please inquire.

It is simultaneous conversion with the high speed pulley kit of a kitaco.
Vibration of a motorcycle decreases and it becomes very much easy to ride.
It is one recommended article.

V125s was equipped.
If maintenance of a drive-line can be performed, it can do satisfactorily especially.
A clutch is in play in the state where it has changed into k5 kit.
Since 14g of WR(s) were put into acceleration slippage from the first, acceleration has no big change.
the maximum high speed was 90 -- up to 98 -- up -- the last elongation came out clearly.
Kana which exceeds 100 according to setting?

It is wearing to the address v125s.
The pulley of burial, k5 clutch conversion, burial strengthening belt use.
It is good touch.
A little physical feeling is a grade which it used, having carried out the additional purchase since there were notes use this in a burial GP pulley although the thing according to belt was used at first, but touch that a top is extended carries out.
A thing with the die length united although the die length of the belt could pull out the engine performance of the burial pulley.
A little pure longer ?

The muffler is of medium quality!The outside of the box is an aluminum pipe itself made of ordinary iron covering thermal protection.Its quality is low as it can be seen in the picture after two months of use!The overall score of two stars because of the full does not match the price quality!At a cost of more than $ 300, the products must be at least stainless steel, and preferably from titanium!

Already in use
This time I was asked by an acquaintance
I am satisfied with the appearance and shape
Because the location of the seam absorbs water
Attention is necessary after car wash and rain

Certainly, it is more disturbing for me who is 178 cm tall compared to Normal seat, although it got warmer but in the middle. Please lose the step.

Since there is no sideways slide than Seat of NORMAL, the feeling of Fit of the butt comes out and it can run steadily even at Corner ring.
The buttocks do not hurt even if it runs a long distance, and the feet attachment at the time of stopping is stable.