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Canyon Dancer

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At the time of getting on, Belt Buckle got a slight scratch,
Purchase as a measure.
The finish of the product is very beautiful.
Installation is, rather than a product, KATANA's Tank
Because there is a habit of shape, I do not quite get it.
It took me a while to explore fixed points.
It is stable without detaching after fixing.
Also looks will not break the Line Casualness is Parenthesis OK.

As you all know, ignition is being culled, feeling of the engine at the start ~ low speed, power feeling, smoothness, and the feeling at the time of SHIFT up from 1st to 2nd speed by them was also considerably bad However, by attaching limiter cuts, they have been improved to be lazy. Especially the feeling of the shift change has become wonderful and better. I think that it is quite a recommended product.

Cure to 1 pc. I purchased it because it's gone.
The delivery date was overtaking 15th
The feeling that I changed was extreme! It was an ordinary Rubber (Experience replacing OEM)
I entered the same as OEM, and I tried with Plastic hammer and Driver (LOL)
Is not it just a common OEM product with other companies

If the OEM is still on sale it feels good even at OEM
If the color changed at least, Custom feeling comes out

KATANA is 3 Pin, but killing the AutoBlinkerCancellation circuit only uses 2 Pin.
It is a Relay that can solve this hard to understand structure around here.
Connection Cable is included, but you do not need to use it.
So, why the connection Cable is included is said to be a Universal Product made by DAYTONA.
I did not think so much and bought it high.

O-ring is attached even though the price is very leisnaby, and 20% UP of the Filter Boat is wonderful! I think that these things are very good for expendables only. As expected a specialized Manufacturer item

Glasses anti-rotation plate disappears so it will be very refreshing. Beauty was able to clean easily.
Since all of the recent Motorcycle is this, performance is not a problem.
However, 6 Nuts exceed 3000 yen high !, 1 pc. It is 500 yen! You can buy Titanium a bit more!
There is no gloss like webike's photo. I thought it was more polished.
Uniqlo platingSpec. But I will make 2000 yen though - - -

It is a person's product with a feeling for Motorcycle.

Good Quality product. Bought this for my 1981 Suzuki GSX1100S Katana. Not plug and play item. As informed by Webike staff, the stock brake masterpump and clutch lever would not fit. You need to get a new Brembo RCS master pump and UNICORN JAPAN clutch lever Holder Kit ( MODEL : 37372 ) from here: Overall more comfortable position.

GLADIUS 650 generates vibration in the Handlebar in the high revolution range. In long distance touring using this high speed, this will induce numbness and numbness and fatigue of hands.
Unicorn - The Bar end weight of Japan is reduced in vibration by about 2 times the weight of OEM, and it can be felt even if it remains as OEMGrip.
Since it looks close to OEM Product, there is no Custom feeling, but there is also a shiba.
One star deduction, "No matter what the price is cheaper" You said that.