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Carbony menyediakan bodywork berbahan dry carbon dengan lekukan halus yang tidak bisa dibentuk oleh wet carbon. Seluruh produk Carbony dibuat di Jepang dan berkualitas tinggi! Anda bisa memilih finishing dari empat jenis yang disediakan.

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Spec. Although it changed slightly but very satisfactory items
Carbon seat cowl is hard to find.
Cost is also good setting.
Anyway Clear paint is very good.

Safety! Relief! He is smart!!

It attached to the hornet.
Although appearance likes the normal as my liking, I think that back visibility improves functionally and it is easy to operate.

It attached with the separate handle.
Compared with the long mirror of normal, appearance is quite easy-to-use with the ability also of the function which is the highest to be adjusted to vibration absorption and front and rear, right and left in the quite low forme.
I think that it is what suits various naked motorcycles because the texture of plating is also called good naked mirror.
Looks and a function are recommended.

TANAX Napoleon: -- stay-boots product number: -- vehicle type wide use goods details - corresponding to SA-12 merchandise information -- a mirror attachment -- the protection from dust etc.
- A screw adapter etc. can be hidden and a dress-up up is simply possible.

<Overall rating>
Attached to MT-07, VANVAN 200. With two units 30 / 45 I tried both. Mirror also tried a couple of others, OEM etc. Result As for any combination, I think that practicality is high because the Mirror shake is less and the field of vision is improved with roughly 30 mm. 45 millimeters depends on the combination, but there was a case where Mirror was blurred in a specific speed range. In the meaning of improving ease of view naturally 45 mm wins but I think that even 30 mm will be sufficient improvement.
<Mounting - Accuracy>
No problem.
At the beginning Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) I imagined that the direction overhanging into the eyes improves visibility, but there were cases where it was easier to see how to move Mirror in front. In short, it seems to be better to decide how far away from the arm, by considering the adjustment angle of Mirror.
<Quality - Texture>
No problem. Texture is enough, too..
I think that it is sufficiently good shape. Although it has a heavy weight, it seems that this weight is necessary for preventing blurring.
Of course, 45 mm is better Match Better. But I thought that 30 mm would be enough if this installed vehicle.
<Cost performance>
I think that it is a reasonable price. Blind Cover is sold separately, but I hope it is bundled.

Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Although I bought Mirror of Mirror, but the movement is too hard and it is hard to match the position and another one pc. The movable part is too soft and the position shifts while driving.
Variation is amazing depending on things.

Radical mirror has been used for 30 years. From Nanahan to Hara Chari
It is a favorite of Large. Mirror is necessary Small limit is the motto For me, Simple
I am satisfied with the design, mobility, goodness of COSPA.
It is necessary to set the Best position and Grease up of the moving part at regular intervals
Well it can be said that it is a difficult point.