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Although it is very expensive, Brake performance is unprecedented performance. It stops well. However, if MASTER is not expensive for Beringer 3Bearing, I think that exquisite Control can not be obtained.
OEM MASTER can not obtain Brake fee Ring of Beringer. It is Brake fe Ring who knew for the first time by changing MASTER to Beringer. Initially, it will be useful with Jiwar, and if you grasp it further, you will end up quitting strongly. Air bleeding is difficult. I think that it is better to ask the PRO.
By the way, Brake disc is Breaking Double disk outside the company. This is also expensive.

I exchanged because I want OEMBrake to be more effective.
The delivery date is slow, but the ownership feeling and performance will be markedly upgraded.
For 250 MOTARD it works as much as Overspecifications.
Although I am about town riding, pass playing degree, it is easier to control with one finger and it also corresponds to sudden movements, so the sense of security has also increased.
It is also exclusive for the type of mounting accuracy. It was perfect.
Caliper, Caliper support corresponding to Φ 310, whatever it may be, but Caliper also seems better looking and better performance.
I got it all in one gold, but since the color with Caliper is somewhat different, I will consider it a little MinusPoint.

Large In a beautiful Caliper, I have a feeling of superiority as I do not see people who use the same Caliper unless they go to a large scale Meeting.

Since various kinds of Caliper pitch are prepared, I think that it is Merit of the largest Large that you do not need to go through Caliper support.

Racing caliper so MaintenanceCycle is short and a little labor, but thanks to Aerotech, workability such as desorption and cleaning of Pad is outstanding!

I can not help it because there is no choice other than OEM, but I am happy to use it because the performance is enough.

We may be in a state of short supply and we hope that stable supply will be made in the future.

Regardless of whether there is a need or not, temperature and humidity are often concerned.
In such a case, if you install this CARMATECARMATE SZ 43 Twin Meter 2, it is a product that is Large and strange and convenient.

Basically Indoor Spec. When I looked at the product and the thought and the real thing, it was made to be able to withstand even outdoor use, so install it around the Handlebar near the Instrument panel of Motorcycle and use it as a guide when temperature and humidity are concerned I will.

Of course, while Motorcycle is running, it is difficult to see the characters as Small, but the gaze of the engine does not look swaying due to the unevenness of the Engine or the road surface, but we are not recommending because the outlook while driving is dangerous.
Let's stop it..

This CARMATECARMATE SZ 43 Twin Meter 2 can be easily attached to the cornerless side of Handlebar or Instrument panel with Double-sided Tape.

Even if this CARMATECARMATE SZ 43 Twin Meter 2 has flooded inside in a few years and the surface becomes cloudy, you can update it freely without worrying about the price and Double- Installation with sided tape is easy even when removing.

This CARMATECARMATE SZ 43 Twin Meter 2 is never a highly accurate measuring device, but it is JAPAN of flukin. Even though there was an error, it was only a little.
(Measurement error measured by Thermometer about 2 ℃)

For me, this CARMATECARMATE SZ 43 Twin Meter 2 is used as a guideline only, so there is no problem.
I just want to know how much the temperature has risen since the morning, how much humidity is because the air is so smooth.

The outside of this CARMATECARMATE SZ 43 Twin Meter 2 is a material that is resistant to direct sunlight and ultraviolet light Carbon black tone material : It is made of Plastic, but since transparent surface parts may discolor and white turbid with direct sunlight or ultraviolet rays, let's replace it with a new one if it deteriorates too much aged.

This CARMATECARMATE SZ 43 Twin Meter 2 is not an indispensable item for Motorcycle, but if it is a Camping touring faction Rider and 1 pc as Analog Equipment. Is a tool you want to install in Motorcycle.

There is a slight error in accuracy but price is cheap product, so it is Items you want to recommend to TwoRider by all means.


I saw this impule and bought it for CBR 1000 RR, SC 59, AOCOSAT Lever, but Switch function did not work. (Initial failure?) I do not know.. I ordered and replaced Akosat 's one soon. And making a terminal is complicated. be careful.

The OEMSwitch of the Achosat Clutch lever is too long to interfere with the Handlebar, so I made it to fit the thread diameter.
It is easy as it can use Fasten terminal as it is.
Just because somehow the rug terminal is cut and it remains until BALI. There is something in the town factory handmade.

The same one is attached.Although about two year passes by On always, except that blink became slow, it is operating ordinarily.Probably a Neon is also beautiful and there is some effective crime prevention.Since all the criminals think that distinction with a real Security does not stick.