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Produk Baru CF POSH

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Ремень очень хорошего качества. Точный размер ремня 800-16.6. Доставка до Московской области заняла 7 рабочих дней. Продавец отправил заказ на следущий день после его поступления на склад.Продовец уведомил меня что данный ремень находится на другом складе. The belt is of very good quality. The exact size of the belt is 800-16.6. Delivery to the Moscow region took 7 business days. The seller sent the order the next day after it arrived at the warehouse. The seller notified me that this belt is in another warehouse. translated by google

The engine sound became thick, when it exchanged for normal and engine start was carried out.
When run, it has felt carrying out torque UP.
It turns out that sparks become strong and are burning certainly.

Since it attaches by Pons, it attaches, and the very thing is easy work.
There is also no reason for becoming so quick that it being visible in the reconstruction like air element exchange and muffler exchange.
It is because that is a moped well.
Power has come out from an inside region.
I think that they will be the parts for the seen operative professionals after Power comes out by bore up, BIG carburetor conversion, etc. since ignition timing is adjusted.
If this is attached to honesty and a normal engine normal cab, doesn't the direction which exchanged mufflers etc. become quick?

Although pure CDI does not go up [ an engine ] to 8000 or more revolutions, by attaching the goods here, a limiter can be canceled and an engine can be turned more to high rotation.
However, since an engine life etc. are contracted, cautions are required.
A tachometer is prepared simultaneously and the recommend of enabling it to check rotational frequency is carried out.

It is good kana rather than there is nothing, although it does not die easily to a master cylinder even if it fails to get off the ground!?

It purchased, when carrying out inverse attachment of the ball joint mirror (square shape) attached to ZOOMER to the handle bottom.
Since appearance also became smart and the inverse attachment was used as a sub mirror, the back check was completed exactly.
I think that they are convenient parts which can do various usage in the circumference of a handle according to a device.

Normal is touch that a jump of sparks is different.
It lit forcibly and the touch which employs Power efficiently has come out.
I think that he buys it and there is no loss although it is parts not appearing!

It is cool.
It becomes a quite good accent.