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Selain menyediakan lampu sein dan gembok helm berkualitas tinggi, CGC juga memproduksi riding gear untuk segala jenis gaya riding.

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Blinker 's Valve that had been attached to sr 400 has expired and I searched for Valve but I found this in an unusual type and installed this item by exchange for each Blinker.
It works well with 12v21w.
Making, Blinker Cover is Plastic, Body is iron? Aluminum? I think that it is reasonable or somewhat better.

I bought it as Front blinker but I can not install Double Bulb's Valve.
This Blinker's Socket for Double Bulb is not on sale and the Space in Blinker is too Limit and it was not possible to install Double Bulb in the first place.
Perhaps it was my own responsibility that I did not investigate well, but I was disappointed just because I wanted to attach a Position lamp ...
On the back of Case there was a description of the installation of Double Bulb, so I misunderstood that it is obvious.

I was out of the LEED industry that became out of print
Square TypeBlinker's for Repair
Compared with Original
The details are different
Parts that do not come out as out of print
It really helps selling down
If you say the difference between Original and here
The color of Lens is somewhat different
Original is LEED to LensTOP
This one is different from writing it as CGC
Other than packing from CGC
I would like to make a purchase if it is out

There is also a License Plate Light at the Small Shark so it looks Large satisfactory.
Valve has expired in trial operation as well
There was a lot of vibration
I got Solder as well as I got missed during Touring

It was sold normally more than 20 years ago
LEAD Industry Square TypeBlinker Lens
I bought it as a substitute because it broke
Size is the same as Square Type, so it can be used
I checked the color only in the room
Since it is the same Orange color, there is no discomfort
Because the LEAD industry's Lens does not come out
To say that you can get me out
It is truly grateful.

Since the Helmet Holter of YAMAHA XJ 6 F can not be used unless Seat is removed, I tried using this product.
Installation was Pipe thick and included Bolt short, so purchased and installed 30 mm Bolt at Home center.
Installation is very easy.
I used it for a year, but Plating has no problem.
Key hole seems to be rusty.
It's free to install, it can be devised so that it does not get in the way, and Touring is useful too.
There are exclusive items by car model, but this product is enough.

using "DAYTONA" Since Rust started out to Ms. Blinker bolt, I tried to get this item as a substitute.
In the product name "Aluminum" It certainly says the Gold color part like Aluminum.
However, the Bolt part where the Screw mountain is cut has magnificently magnets attached.
Since the part that is visible is like Aluminum, I think it is difficult to attach to the eyes even if it is Rust, but I am hesitating to wear it yet.
For those who can divide that point, you can Recommendation.

It is fashionable making it compact.
As light bulbs use something pretty small, you need to buy something different from OEM bulbs.
(That was the case with my GB 250 CLUBMAN. )