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Chameleon Factory menawarkan sparepart untuk motor skutik mulai dari piston, drive belt, pulley, hingga knalpot yang akan membuat skutik Anda semakin bertenaga.

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Surely compared with normal, the start dash became good.
However, there is no physical feeling like 2st.
Since the attainment speed up to 0 km ? 90 km improved, waiting riding has also ridden happily.
Since it was .... when there was a physical feeling to a slight degree, four stars were carried out.

Although my address is stopped to the parking area in front of a station, a wound surely enters.
A sticker is stuck as wound hiding at such time.
Since the place containing a wound is also generally the same, it serves also as prevention of a crack entering again.
If it sticks also on the binder used at work, he will enjoy a lively motorcycle discourse.
it is good for adjustment when coming out to a slight degree and calling it mailing cost no charge etc.

3KJHelmet in JOG
Center lib port 69. 7cc PWK28M (Throw40 Main135) Full digital CDI Final 8 for separate lubrication processing BW'S. 4
High Speed PulleyWeight3. 0g × 6 Others Various

If you do not make the Pulley Weight a little heavier, it will easily blow as it spins over 10,000 rpm
Street chamber is different from the time I put it in
Sound power when entering the power band is a strong word

Because CYGNUS X28SNORMALPump stops responding, exchange
Because it was an electric trap, you will need such parts.
But what do you think if you think it will break on the road, how is it? Yamaha is feeling.

Смазка использовалась для вариатора на скутере Suzuki ZZ. Результат хорошо заметен, разгон скутера стал происходить динамичнее! Расход смазки маленький, тюбика должно на долго хватить. Lubrication was used for the variator on the scooter Suzuki ZZ. The result is well noticeable, the scooter overclocking has become more dynamic! The consumption of lubricant is small, the tube should last for a long time.(translated by Google Translator)

Chameleon Paralyzer III Chamber [A206] It’s Perfect! You can feel speed up and I recommend Chameleon Factory for Jog All Series :)

2013 / 07 / I replaced it for 21 and it broke down at about 50,000 kilometers.
When I got 100 kilometers, the Engine came to be stopped.
There is no abnormality when the fuel is full Tan.
Enhanced Pump is also a consumable item. I seem to make a contractor in Taiwan.
I changed it to OEM now.
You can run without problems.

I used it for SEROW 250.
The parts themselves were the same, so I could divert them.
I just exchanged, but for now there is no problem.