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It cmUP(s) pure twist 5 and appearance is also good.
However, it is necessary to return pure at the time of an automobile inspection.

Appearance - The texture is Outclassing.
I wonder if distortion can be tolerated Level.
No matter what - - - The hole position Gap is disappointing.
Even if you adjust it, it is Large strange to shave 3 mm.
The end was a brute force.

The items that I received are different from those in the photograph. I do not have Bracket on the top and bottom, and I attach it with the lower Bracket Only Spec. If I was tightening so as not to move because I was becoming, I broke Screw.

I can remove it easily from the OEM Screen, and it looks like Sporty.
It is nearly half the price of OEMOption's SmokeShort Screen, but the making was solid and it was comfortable without blurring even on a highway.

Order to purchase Z650
Installation was attached with a simple Instruction Manual, it was completed soon (About 10 minutes)
スポーツタイプ (Short guy) I can not expect the rectification effect to that extent
It is staggering compared to normal.
Since there is a gap between the marter and the screen, it is exactly right to put on gloves
Moreover, wind does not enter from the gap
It is a good product overall

Because there is a height, high speed is quite easy. I think that it will make a difference depending on your height, but when you want to feel relaxed and feel the wind, even at high speed cruises you will feel good by changing the ride posture.

Delivery date
I was kept waiting for 2 months but the car Body was waiting for 6 months so it's not farting.
When checking Screen, the Screw hole also appears at the tip. But I can not see it because it is hidden by Meter rather than saying that Screw is missing. In other words, it can not be exchanged if Cowl is not removed. Because Cowl seemed to break, so I was scared ○ We asked Mr. Tomo.. Wage is not worried because Curry who ate while waiting was higher.
Red is unexpected Red! Bio Lens! I am worried about looking out, but the height of Screen seems not to be so high so I can not tilt forward enough to pay vision inside Screen did. I'm glad I got your belly. Oh, it's not going to Circuit, so it's never meant to experience effects as fast as 100 Km.
Then why did you change it?
It's just a fashion..

The shape and function are perfect but Spec. The goods that arrived were items to be installed because there is no Bracket on the top and bottom like the photo and the Bracket Only on the bottom side. So I was uneasy in strength and tightened so as not to move, I crushed Screw Mountain.