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Dengan motto 'menawarkan suku cadang berkualitas dengan harga terjangkau', CHERRY hadir sebagai produsen suku cadang motor-motor klasik, seperti lampu, suku cadang mesin, bodyworks, dan masih banyak lagi.

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package has arrived safely, it fits for yamaha scorpio carb

perfect gasket, fit in my Yamaha Scorpio

Very good quality seat, the pan is a very sturdy metal of some sort. not the most comfortable seat in the world but it S tier in the style department. Takes a ride or two for the front of the seat to kinda morph with your tank. Satisfied

I have installed them onto my Keihin CR29 carbs that I used for my CB750 RC42. The chambers are good quality, all beside parts like releasing screw or orings are also qualitative parts and fit very nice. Parts easy to install and the finish look is amazing ;)

I bought these with some expectations after seeing those that my friend bought before me. The product I received has a good feeling of quality finish overall. The design was also nice, especially considering the price. What I found especially dissatisfied was the small spot of rust found in the surface. This occurs on 2/4 items.From experience, I can see that the longevity of these items will shorten because 01 small rust spot will cause large rust spot in short time.

Used for SA16J JOG.
Result ... Can not use. It was nearly an Objection place. If you buy this, Emon's 4-pole Relay is sure. After all, I repaired using EmonRelay.

Before I realized that BrakeRAN of commuting for FORZA was not pointing.
I ordered it as usual so I ordered this.
Although it felt somewhat less comfortable compared with OEM, it was installed.
It works without problems.

GPX 250 R overflowed, so considering it as including spare parts, it was judged as unqualified and purchased.
It is slightly cheesy than the OEM Product, but it is a place that I can not see and I think that I got the spare parts if I thought that I got a complete set of OEM Product, so I am satisfied.