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CJ-BEET mengembangkan, memproduksi, mengimpor dan menjual bodywork untuk skuter dan motor supersport. Fairing CJ-BEET dijual dengan harga yang terjangkau dan Anda dapat menggunakannya sebagai pengganti OEM atau untuk modifikasi.

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I used Chinese Cowl for a long time and this is the second installation
First of all, good points
Overall completeness is very high. Of course, there are rough places if you look at the details, but I think that it is enough if you make a complete set at this price even considering that.
Cowl under the Tail lamp was missing one item, which was only dissatisfied. Surely there are no such Parts when I look at the reference pictures, but it seems to be a bit too much ... but not shown in the picture Under Cowl (Place to add Rear Fender) I was attached properly, so I do not understand well of that lol
Perhaps just the thing that I arrived by chance might have been, but later that Parts ordered OEM Parts. I will post photos as well..

Next bad point
To be honest, I can not say that it is easy to install even in flattery. Although it is the second Chinese cowl this time, the accuracy of the screw hole etc. is overwhelmingly bad compared to the first time. It is natural for the screw holes to be misaligned even in combination, and there are also some small holes in which the bolts do not enter inside. Although this may also be individual differences, I think that it is essential to process with a drill etc. for installation. And in my case, when combining the cowls, the claws of the cowls do not engage with each other by all means, if I impossible to do it, I thought that there was a possibility that the cowl itself could be broken. I broke a few claws. A person who can not do such things may be a bit tough to install.

General review
Although there are various good and bad, I think that it is a very good product when viewed comprehensively. Parenthesis made a good finish in the middle when actually finished installing. After all I like like Cowl outside because it can differentiate itself from the same type Motorcycle. In the past I got helped by a friend and it was finished in one day but this time I did it by one person so I divided it in a few days and advanced little by little. You'd better think that it takes time and effort to do it properly. Since Bush and Nuts are not included at all, you should divert those you have used or use them separately.

Probably I think that the source of the same Chinese, but about six years ago I purchased the same Type Projector Headlight from a company and installed it. However in one year after installation the LED on One Side disappeared, Wiringetc. I did not fix it even if I touched it as it was.

I think that the item here purchased this time is the same type, but the brightness of the LED has become more than doubled and I think that it was very good to replace it and replacing it.
The rest is durable. LED also, High beam also works with Mirror Spec. So it seems to be a cause of breakdown because it makes heavy use, so I am slightly afraid. (The high beam mechanism was not broken even after 6 years of the same Type used previously. )

I searched everywhere for brackets for my 2017 Honda SH300i. These Forza brackets have the same 27mm wide clevis joint at the bottom and fit perfectly. The amount of lowering is only small but it will make a difference for shorter people. Fitting is very easy, only 2 minuites. The listing should be updated to include the SH300i 2016 2017 2018.

A word of terrible anyhow.

Screw hole as Gap is still nice, making it overall.

Size does not match at all, there are places that are distorted from the beginning and can not even be installed.
Even if it is possible to install it, there are many Large Kiyoshi never existed in the OEM, I think that refreshing will not be done even if it gets set up.

The most severe was Front upper cowl. What does Blinker do not enter?
When you measure it, it is just a little smaller than the OEM. I can only tell you that I'm playing now.

In the notice, "Screw hole and rubbing etc for installation etc. It may require processing of. However, it is no longer a process but an area of ??remake.

Is it no fraud to sell such a thing?
If it was about 40,000 to put out like this, you had better paid Gold higher than this and you had it corrected by Manufacturer or changed to new somewhat.

I will never buy this Manufacturer's item again.

I bought it because I accidentally damaged Cowl.
The hole for mounting is not Penetrating,
Although the color of Face, SIDE, and Tail are somewhat different, it is certain that Chinese Cowl is enough for temporary.
I think that it is a nice person if it is assumed that it is Chinese Cowl.
Design itself is good. There are colors....
Also, it is warning not to enclose Grommet for installation and so on.

The acquaintance bought TZr's Cowl, but it was a perl of the underlay Level

I thought that it might be Racer ___ ___ ___ 0

Based on that, I bought Cowl of ROTHMANS this time, it was an ordinary thickness exceeding my imagination

Naturally Clearance is bad, color is fine, but will Small stone peel?

The only strange thing is that the Single seat cowl was attached

I felt like there was nothing, but I tried wearing it for the time being

CBR600RR EU (PC40) But I could equip it without problems (Engine Guard-like alley is removed because it has processing)

It is possible with MINILeutor and time and time!

Sticker paste it into the original Motorcycle and let's run!

Conclusion : Increasing your own luck, dexterity, HP (The installation is soon settled with Gold)

I was dissatisfied with the effectiveness of Brake and Speed ??came out only, so I exchanged disc and Pad because it is dangerous.
From the break-in run, it worked well only with the Front brake, and it became possible to stop as expected.
Even if you give out Speed, it stops with confidence, and it got cooler.

Cospa is nice.. Quality is same as OEM..
I have been using more than 20000 km in commuting, but there is no problem.
However, instead of reducing PAD a little faster
Braking force is up.
It also looks good, so I will also Repeat.