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Class4 Engineering

Class4 Engineering memproduksi velg (forged) dan sparepart berbahan billet aluminium yang mewah. Sparepart Class4 Engineering memiliki desain yang stylish dan disegani banyak rider di seluruh dunia.

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I installed it on 08 GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA.
Image etc. So I understood the shape, so the attached atmosphere was as Image.
I bought Black, but it is not painting but OEM style making. Bolt is not included.

First, the impression that I saw the product is because Plating is applied neatly to the groove of the character,
The character of GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA has no shade.
It is better to think that Black light feeling is not like at all like the product advertisement image and it is glittering state.
Too bright, Pad I do not know if I do not know GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA.
Originally, Plating does not hurt to himself who purchased it with processing premises because it dislikes it.
The problem is mounting.
In the tightened state of Stem Nut "GSX1300R HAYABUSA" The inclination angle of letters of.
Naturally the best angle can not be adjusted.
Also, why is the hex screw for tightening, Inch size.
3 / 32 Hexagonal Wrench is required.
I think that it belongs but I can not find enclosures other than Catalog.
Tentatively purchased Wrench.
2. If it is a cheap Ball point of 5 mm, it may enter.
Plating, add Black Painting, paint the letters Gold and Clear paint
Well, I wonder if this gave me a presence more than that?
Whether you can sell more if you can simply choose Plating, Anodized Color for the amount of Gold - -

I exchanged the Throttle tube of GSX1300R HAYABUSA and exchanged it, but I thought that the reference material etc was included, so I fought hard to install.
Response is quite good. It took a while to attach it by taking off Side cowl and removing Wire, but it was installed somehow. It might be better to leave the amateurs to the shop ...

20% High throttle It became a good feeling. I liked the test ride very well.. But I want about 10% more, or maybe I will feel like getting used to it.

It is the GSX1300R EU specification K3 (03 models). An Access into Cobb improves by leaps and bounds by

Pons attachment. Structure of
(it exceeded with butterfly screw thread until now)

lock mechanism is cheap, and it is uneasy in how much durability there is. If there are replacement parts, I will think that it is good. Even if

, however a lock had separated, Cobb did not separate.
(finishing of verification)

Although the Carbon tone Mirror of the different Manufacturer was attached, the main part of a Mirror is small and it was hard to see back, and since it was weak to vibration, this product was purchased. Since
attachment is also easy and the Mirror is large, back also looks good. If vibration begins to run although it shakes for a while at the time of an Idling, it is not worried.

a [Webike monitor] -- it is searching in storage power more, without breaking down the style of a peregrine falcon, and arrived at the goods of cod roe.
The attachment to Cobb was easy.
Even if two 500-ml plastic bottles put in, it was still generous.
It is likely to be helpful to short-distance touring.