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It purchases as the appearance and the object for crack prevention of a tank.
however -- if the middle neighborhood pushes -- poco -- it seems that the form of some tank changes since poco is carried out
It is the shin without becoming, if it becomes difficult to shift in front by it.
Although it is in double-stick tape, if PITATSU is not decided on by one shot, it will shift and will attach attachment.
moreover, tricot -- in color, since a sticker portion started, he cut and stuck the sticker on the same form.

It purchases to ZZR1400.
It purchased a wound guard and for the purpose of the dress-up up.
Since body color is dark blue, it is very good to match this product.

By a normal seat, it cannot equip with this probably.
(It is severe that even notes cannot be found) Moreover, fit nature with a tank is the worst.
Inferior waste goods like this were encountered for the first time.
He will already buy nothing this manufacturer's from now on.
It is too severe.
It is below Chinese.

Although there are no notes, since this product is normal seat un-corresponding, please take care.
Moreover, fitting with a tank cannot be attached directly bad, either.

The influence of the old law of United States or a lot of Motorcycle is still obliquely cut at the rear end of Tank. For this reason MachineHold may become sweet. I also changed Position and tried to change the sitting position, but the most effective part was this Parts. After installing this, further review of footpeg position improved the sense of unity with Motorcycle and it became easier to handle in Large width. Since Parts itself is Black Gel Coating, it is difficult to paint it (Material : Carbon was happy ...), but the effect obtained far exceeded the difficulty.

Tiny Pants tend to become crouch posture with heat.
By attaching Cover it is done with light cold burns (lol

By thickening the Sponge to paste, the gap between Frame and Cover can be made Large, so the effect is a little UP ? ? ? Should ? ? ? I do not know..

Vacuum insulation Tumbler - If it can be a structure that does not conduct heat perfectly it will solve it ~.
Where to let the heat of Frame escape is to put it, it should be possible to block the adverse effects on the inside.

Although the stitch of Carbon is not perfect,
I do not understand by looking and not complaining.
It was not for Dress-up purpose, but it looks cool too.

With RaceSeason the delivery is long. Tolerate at least one month from order.

Although it is installation, Left Side was able to install without any problems as it was seen in the ride condition. However, when you start installing the Right Side, the Caliper and the Rotor will contact each other. When I look it up, 1. Center is off by about 5 mm. As for inquiries, about 1? Is category.
Since it is external parts, there are tolerances. I have no choice but to add Shim and adjust it.
Even when I have time, I would like to investigate a bit more.

It is Rider over past 50.
Purchase ZrX 1200DAEG 2012 formula in this spring. At the time of vehicle contract "ETC" And OEM "Engine Guard" We ordered with Option.
Now, afterwards "Tank protector (Pad)" We thought we had to prepare by the time of delivery and evaluated on Net (reputation) While checking, Motorcycle Supply Store (2 Rinkans, NAP'S, ROUGH & ROAD) I made a color.
As a result, considering Designality is one thing, (use) Because it was this product that Cover the part rubbed by the other, "Webike" I bought it with.
After placing an order, the goods were delivered without trouble by car delivery date.
Various explanations at delivery on the day of car delivery ? After completing the procedure, we installed this product behind the dealership. Until I installed it was really worried whether I could install Exactly without any gaps, but it was okay!
When installing, first, 1) the back of this document (Adhesive surface with Tank) 2) Masking tape, preliminarily tighten, 3) delicate position adjustment, finally, 4) Double-sided Tape's SEROW peeled off the main finish.
I performed delicate position adjustment and peeled off the SEROW Han of Double-sided Tape and worked carefully as to whether there was a part that is gapped also when I finish it, so it was a satisfactory finish. In addition, because I felt I was unsatisfied with just the attached Tape, I bought a Double-sided Tape (3M) Replaced with. Thinking about this part by individuals (How to feel) I think that is different..
I think that it will be almost almost to replace in the future, but if you need it again I think that I will search and buy this item.