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CLIPPING POINT mengembangkan sparepart peningkat performa seperti big bore kit, siwngarm, dan suspensi untuk motor mini semacam Monkey, Gorilla, Super Cub, dan masih banyak lainnya.

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I suspected that I was forgotten in the lightness of the arrived box ,,,
It was light, too light ,,, KITACO was using it all but
I feel sorry for poor comparison.
I am afraid to use it with a high-power engine ,,, durability test soon.
Chromoly Awesome ,,

Bore up, High Camshaft, Exhaust System Purchased with replacement
I'm still just installed and I do not know during break-in, but I'm satisfied with Cost performance
It is 85 cc but it seems I can go without exchanging Main jet

Chain here is made in Chinese "KMC" is.

More cheap in JAPAN "KCM" (Kaga Chain) Although I tried to compare it, Kaga has not adjusted or adjusted especially after the initial growth at one time.

This chain extends infinitely even when Chain adjustment is made how many times. I never heard of or heard of Chain which will grow like this.

Both Kaga and KMC are 420 Size Non-seal Chain. Maintenance is the same condition as the Smallest limit although it is used for about one year on commuting and it gets wet with rain etc..

We expected weather resistance by saying Silver chain, but it rusts normally.
There is no good place. I will not buy KMC again.

I would like to try to see how far it will grow, but I will probably quit as it will probably expire.

Cross Mission When entering the 5th gear, it does not rotate and is stalling. Changed from Front 16 TRear 28 T to T 15 Rear T 34.
It was perfect when I put in 5th gear safely.

Purchased for use with Wheel of NSR 50 with 12-inches of GORILLA.
I wanted Blue color and worried about Posh, but I decided here because the Clipping point was cheaper.

Cospa is the strongest if you use town riding - touring. Braking force is much higher than OEM. Red Pad <OEM <GoldPad <Mega alloy.

But, Circuitetc. It is dangerous to change the Large because it fading easily when you drive in Sports..

Because it was awesome, I chose instead of OEM, Other Company Product.
It is an invisible place though.

There was no particular problem such as installation.
One year ride on Choi, there is no trouble or dissatisfaction.


Because it is cheap, it may be good to buy some with T number difference.

I investigate variously and purchase it because it is cheapest..

The accuracy at the time of installation was able to be carried out without particular problem.

Perhaps there is a difference in durability, but I'd like to check it when I exchange Chain.

It is just right to try one up.