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CLUB GREENTHUMB menyediakan kabel kopling dan bracket box belakang untuk motor trail. Bracket box CLUB GREENTHUMB dibuat dari bahan yang kokoh dan tahan lama serta dapat menambah kapasitas muatan motor Anda.

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The beauty of the billet parts made and crowded to [Webike-monitor] details and polish is the highest! The rigidity in high speed operation and the stability in a cornering are felt by the effect of a stabilizer.
Moreover, although pure about 5.3 to about 5.6 kg and about about 300g of bottoms of a spring became heavy, in me, it was not worrisome.
* A center stand is improper (it hits a stabilizer!).

Mounting on the ninja1000 2018 MODEL.
Especially without problems. I am attached with Instruction Manual but without it.
However, since I was wearing a Grip heater, I was disconnected....

As a thing it is perfectly textured.
I tried it with -10 mm.
If the angle is thoroughly narrowed, the hand touches the tank when it is bent full. I do not narrow down and open it fully. Well it will not be tied.

It installed in JC75. Performance aspects - It looks pretty satisfying. Volume is also quiet than ordinary Exhaust System if OEMEngine Displacement Volume is 4 VHead 181 cc is quite Large, but it is quite loud, but I do not care because it is premised on Circuit. Where the selection range of that Rear item becomes narrow in a bad place.

1. The delivery status was clearly shown online which provided me with a clue on where exactly the exhaust was. 2. The exhaust was delivered to me on the expected date. 3. It was perfect and in a good condition without missing any parts. 4. The installation was simple and easy as long as I had the appropriate tools. 5. It is fairly loud even without removing the muffler. Good product indeed.

Standard dimensions
To dare, Type 9 without Stubby
OEM6. 2kg⇒OVER5. 2kg
Because weighing weight under Spring, the effect is Large Yakana !?
I feel somewhat lighter.

It seems that the rigidity is quite high, and it is clear that Tire is losing on the road surface more than ever.

Installation is as long as 1 mm for Color, processing - We needed adjustment.
Sorry that there was a sweet part of Buffing.
I want you to politely check the factory setting.

Swingarm used about 25 years, after all, Bearing's Grease cut is quite severe ...
I feel that the movement has become pretty smooth, because all of the Bearing classes are also brand new this time.

There was no trouble of installation as the other person said. After installing everything loosely and tightening tighten again Large was durable. However, Instruction Manual is quite unkind compared to SP Takekawa. Well, since it is only installing and removing the Exhaust System, those who can not even do this should ask you in Shop.
And, although it is performance and sound quality, did you Feel or Power up?. so,
The sound is too banging. I can not warm up in front of my house anymore. Engine leaving immediately.
Even when I got home I took the engine off and came home after arriving home.
The sound quality is not heavy bass, it is high and it is loud. There is Small drumming feeling instead of Large drum.
There is nothing I can do about this, but I want to check it before purchasing - - -.
However, once it comes out to the town, it will be a pleasant explosion so that you can notice the car in the sense of Appeal yourself, is not it nice - - -.

Aluminum Cut-out Sprocket cover
Shift accuracy is improved because Seal bearing is adopted for Change shaft part.
Since OEMCover is not using Bearing, the hole of Change shaft deforms due to aged deterioration and Shift miss comes out.
I think Shift mistakes will decrease and it will also protect GEAR.

By the way, my vehicle was already prepared to withdraw from GEAR, but before the exchange I got Shift mistake.

In addition, OEM 2. Lighter and lighter as 4 kg ~ 800 g approx..

Same with Manufacturer, Light touchClutch
If you have Black Anodized or Color, are you grateful?

Exchange on PRUNUSExhaust System because it was not enough.
I have installed RabbitMotorcycleEasy since PRUNUS, but there is no After Fire at the moment.
If you feel like riding, I feel like I'm going to say something bad if RapidMotorcycle is missing. (Rapid Motorcycle Setting Left 5 Right 3)

The volume became fairly large as compared with PRUNUS, but the bass reverberates and it's the sound quality you like.
I think that it is not about annoying neighborhood.

Burning color was attached to Exhaust pipe immediately after replacement. This grilled color is also cool!
Although it is not Titanium, we recommend that we degrease once.

Conclusion, in exchange it was correct!