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It is heavily heavy and extremely robust. I was surprised by the contractor.
I do not feel like losing if I use it with Chain.
There is no other way than laughing if it is stolen using this.
It was in the middle of doing the external construction work so it was able to be constructed beautifully.

Kawasaki ZX - 10 made in 1989 joined Garage from unexpected things the other day.

Back then, there was no Bright company, a regular import agency of Kawasaki motorcycle, I think that the general Motorcycle shop was going back importing export cars. (At that time, my friend was Y company ○ The Owners Manual which I showed when purchasing-max was also English version notation. )
In the old Motorcycle 27 years ago, manufacturing was also only three years from 1988 to 1990, so in Kawasaki car it is not as major as GPZ 900 R or ZZ - R 1100? Rare car service manual and translation of related books Please enter here Please do not have a version.
We gathered information through ZX - 10 Owner 's blog etc, but again, except for the magazines at that time, there was almost no information and I gave up.

I had no choice but to think of getting the then English version of the Service Manual at a certain Oka station, this CRYMERService manual remained in my eyes.
No doubt webike thinks that there is handling of this item's hands. I appreciate it..
This is also an English version, but it covers from GPZ 900 R to ZZ - R 1100, and the features and differences of each MODEL are carefully explained with photos.

I am not good at English version, but I think this CRYMERService manual will be useful for Maintenance and Restore. I recommend it because it is content that you can read very fun with a sense of magazine!
Daily dictionary We are going to decode Manual and restore ZX-10. It is a joke, perhaps it may be good at English version!

By the way, Parts is Kawasaki's U. S. A. For the Site (http : / / www. kawasaki. com / home / home. Aspx), so if you enter the ProductNo number on Kawasaki MotorcycleJapan Parts Search, exterior decoration and distinctive Parts are impossible, but still considerable parts can be purchased.

Quite abundant photos - Because the illustration is published, Japanese Version Even if you do not read the biographically, the structure of each part and how to maintain it - hangetc. It is easy to understand, I think that it is an excellent thing that it can be enjoyed even if turning over the Page with interest only, not necessity from maintenance necessity. In this case, the price of this book, which is slightly expensive for me, is exactly reasonable ("Convincing") I thought.

I am on Buell X1, but I use it as a reference book for Engine maintenance. (*^^*)
It is slightly expensive only for specialized books, but I think that it was good to purchase because it is very helpful for the content.

I was almost in the area of ??SundayMaintenance, but I believe that it is tough to be able to keep Buell for a while to some extent, especially after the Manufacturer is gone, I will do it myself as much as I can.

To such an amateur 's me, Small skill which is not in Service manual comes out This book is a necessity item. ! (^^) !

First, it was overwhelmed by the toughness when the actual thing was seen. By oneself, I regarded crawling on and attaching a Concrete as unreasonableness, and it asked of the construction company.
About one week, after making it dry, it is used. food -- with - Locke, the Motorcycle is protected firmly.

Food of the Koromogawa chain - Spoke 15 was also united and purchased.
Though natural, it enters calmly. If the
Anchor and a Chain are rugged, a safe feeling is.