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CM Composite

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By attaching this Under Cowl, I feel that the whole Silhouette has been tightened. Because rectification effect etc. probably will not be, it will be completely self-satisfying Parts, but Carbon is still good Parenthesis. As you hear Side Stand, you hear a slight rubbing sound, so I guess it is interfering, but I do not mind it because it is manufactured outside the company.

As explained in Right Side, as Left Side can not fix at all in the same way, I made my own Bracket,
Safely installed.

Just Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) The shape of it is different, is there something meaningful?
Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) I think that there is no problem at all even if it is symmetrical....
Thanks to that, my own Bracket was also Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) It was Large fun because I had to make it in a different shape.

I can not recommend this too much, but I recommend it for those who are in processing.

The delivery date was long, and the goods came when I forgot (^^;)
Processing was necessary for the installation, but it was really necessary processing (sweat)
The upper side can be fixed with Inshrok, but the lower side is a problem.
The Screw hole was open from the beginning, but there is no place where it seems to be fixed anywhere at all.
You can not use Inchesiroku.
Since there is no choice, I made my own Bracket with Aluminum board so that it can be fixed to Frame, it is safe to install.
At the same time, I attached Al S Mesh seat to the Air Scoop place.

If this product, other MONSTER S2, will it be installed normally?
For the S4 rider, I can not recommend it much.
However, as things are well done, we recommend to those who are in processing themselves.

Because it is quite complicated shape, I think it is cheap as Dry carbon. OEM Parts Number Because it is heavy, I am touched by the astonishing lightness of Carbon as well. Dress-up is an item recommended for function as well.

Why or the Rear fender of Murti 1000SDS is not normal.
After wavering with D and a Performance, and this product, it purchased here there.
Truly, there is only an external article, the Design is also elaborate, and all engine performance is also considered. Winding up of
dirt is also defended firmly and the circumference of the Rear tire of too large Murti of a Space is made intrepid. Although the
price is high, they are goods of large satisfaction!

Although appearance is good at the product made from a Carbon, a bolt portion hits, and since it becomes the touch which floated,

processing is required as it is. [ of a drilling process or whether for a bolt portion to be deleted and to escape ] It is time and effort for a while.

Seemingly appearance is a Carbon and thinks a Cool.
> attachment was serious. Processing of Bolt hole parts and processing like excessive BALI picking are required.
Keep in mind that the tool to shave is required.

Since it is directly in contact with the Tank, a red Tank color is suited well. Appearance was completely different in black resin of the NORMAL, and it became smart. It is pleasing. a Carbon -- the favorite one -- right or wrong -- pleasing . Attachment is also possible by itself.