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Since 1200s comes out of power, if it is NORMAL Clutch is heavy and you are addicted to traffic and the tragedy.
Buy this product trying to lighten it.
I got the desired lightness.
When installing, there are parts of the cylinder not to be used, and when this is attached, the state of Clutch is always disconnected.

At 696 bremboRCS16Clutch master exchanged Touch and lightness came out.
Although we transplanted MASTER from 696 this time, the weight of Clutch was hardly improved, Clutch at the time of Oil low temperature could not be disconnected, and when it was not waiting for the signal to enter Neutral it endured with heavy Clutch holding it.
After exchanging for this Clutch release, I expected the improvement of Touch, but it is only thought that I make it to Neutral before stopping to make Neutral state at low temperature again.
There are many things that Neutral does not come out even if pulling out MAXClutch by pulling out my finger.
Also, Start dash is not used to Clutch 's Touch yet, SPORTS MODE, but Clutch meat emphasis.
Still struggling with Axel By Wire's sense of incompatibility and Ting connecting Clutch

Installed in the 2016 model ZX-6R. Machining is necessary because it can not be attached to this type. Visibility can not be expected for Mirror of this hand, but it is hard to see the idea. Because Mirror is colored by Blue, I do not feel dazzling so much.

Clutch can not be completely disconnected in normal wearing because no flat surface appears even though it is brand new
Because it's bent, I can not run straight with Clutch dragging
I should have chosen a different product, even if I check it on the platen it was a plan accuracy that surpassed the specified value of Service manual to Large width
I managed to take strain and get Clutch to be the largest and grabbed my fingers with 4 fingers Finally I entered Neutral from 1st speed, it was a typical example of cheap worse

I was planning to replace the Fluid Tank itself, but I can not find anything that I like very much, but even if only a bad Cap just wanted to replace it.

Speaking of Ducati's Carbon parts, I was attaching things of Performance or MC company

I bought a thing of CNCRACING because it has not come out from either.

I was listening to imported goods that there were many shapes and Bolt holes that did not fit,

Large It was durable.

Carbon parts can be purchased at this price and it is the best to be able to Dress-up.

The goods are TrussFrame's Bolt fixed place (Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) 2 places in total, 4 places in total) and Parts covered in the Shaft section of Swingarm.
Cap attached to the underside of the Frame makes Small O-ring attached, you can not install it with a skusca even if you close Bolt.
Also, although the Swingarm department can be installed, the Bolt position is bad and slightly deviates downward.
Parts I think that it is an expensive class from points, but this precision can not be used.

Since the OEM Product of AGUSTAF 4-BRUTALE 800 is high, I bought a thing of CNCRACING which is relatively reasonable in price. There are some gaps where the position of the hole is gapped at the time of installation, but there is no problem if the hole is somewhat wider with Drill. Clear paint is also beautifully finished and the appearance of Motorcycle also becomes Parenthesis good thing. We also have attached the company's Exhaust Heat Guard so we attach both photos for reference.

OEM Product was expensive, so I purchased it this time. The texture is as good as the picture and the back of the back is also a Tape of thermal insulation stuck. The appearance of Motorcycle was also good with Sharp. Even with installation, the position of the hole did not have to be processed perfectly just like the OEM. Since it was good this time, I ordered Rear Fender with the company's Carbon's items.
I got in touch with the nuance of about 1 month at the beginning of delivery, but it arrived in about 2 weeks as a result.
It is recommended for AGUSTA's Custom, so I will do it.