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Goods arrived, and he was surprised to open a box.
Surface processing is bad first! It is dirty! Also cutting a cut portion is continued.
I want you to paint black at least.
It was as easy as it was disappointed about attachment.
It is O that the atmosphere of a motorcycle changes and a parenthesis becomes good.
It is somewhat disappointing too.

it is compact and this rear fender also of appearance is recommended very well also as goods of GOOD!!COERCE than expected -- since clearance with a tire is also secured perfectly -- It is mitigation about the safe fault which * splashes of mud carry out... they may be necessaries at HORNET riding -- coming out -- the shin.

If it is called the pronoun of KASUTAMU, I will think that it is fenderless!! It is made so that it may correspond to various vehicle types from various manufacturers.
If it goes to a motorcycle store, is the fender less of most motorcycles carried out?
Since the improvement of a large rear view can be expected around 10,000 yen in price, it is a recommend truly.
a tire -- being attractive -- custom -- I consider!!

Although neither a function nor an effect is known, the motorcycle itself becomes tight and appears and it is cool.

no, ~~ -- smart -- peevish [ come out and ] -- !!!
But ~~~~www [ want / too / ... / a price ] Kana www which a hand is slippery and meets (smile) and which will be bought

It was good to attach although pains was taken over color matching.

He bought it with appearance and serious consideration.

Not happy at all with this product. It's made of some kind of fiberglass material, which is fine, and the mold maybe is fine, but whoever made it was so sloppy I can't even believe this is being sold as an actual product. The fender itself was a bit uneven, then the holes on either side were unaligned with each other, and beyond that, neither alignment actually fit well with the holes on the bike frame. What a mess. What should have been a 1 hour job took me all day as I had to carefully align everything and redrill holes in the right places. After all that work, I don't even like the look of the fender on my bike. I'm giving this 2 stars rather than 1 since at least there is a fenderless option for the zr400/550 C, and with some work you can get it to fit, but what a disappointment.