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It is TeamNorick official Wind Breaker.
I purchased TeamNorick to support young Rider (Lol)

I think that it can be used in early spring and autumn because it is thin and light and windproof.
I keep it stuck in Touring supplies and use it when I get cold.

Originally it should have been made for the purpose of wearing with Pit etc, but I think that design and performance are fine even when wearing indoors in cold weather.
Rather it's getting hotter when wearing it in winter and working on it.
I think that you can wear it when you ride the Motorcycle in the early spring, but wearing in Motorcycle in the midwinter was impossible.
As Design is not too loud, I think that there is no problem wearing usually Convenience going shopping.

This time for the first time I bought TeackNorick's Jacket.

Heat insulation is very warm and very good!
Small young children are Large, but just hiding their feet and being user friendly.
We can not give up next winter!

I also had Jacket for summer of the same series, so I bought Jacket for winter as well.

It has high Stretch quality as well as summer, it is very easy to move. It's also lighter.. It is thinner than I thought, but I think it is warm enough.

I am handy when I work!

Previous MODEL also included Yamaha's Logo, but since this time there is no Yamaha Logo it is a MODEL that also matches other Manufacturer's Motorcycle. In addition, last time was a color of Yellow color, but this time MODEL is Blue and Black Main, Yellow color Accent and very Parenthesis is good. It may be flashy as casual wear, but it may be good for Circuit and Touring.

I looked at Design and Parenthesis was good so I bought it and tried it.

TeamNorick is a Yamaha line, but since such Logo is not included, you can wear it even if you are on a different Manufacturer Motorcycle (Lol)

I think that it is a precious dish so I think that it is one of the few merchandises with Wee Big Logo.

Although it is expensive, it is a limited item so I can only buy it now!

Quality is good as it is made by KUSHITANI.
By hurting the part of Black color, the fabric of White color will come out if you catch it.
I will wear a Large thing so as not to hurt by work etc.

Design, of course I bought it because it is Parenthesis, but the material is good and comfortable to wear is very good.
Even if I sweat in the hot summer season it will dry out soon.
Because it is a limited item we recommend to purchase early eyes.