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Contour HD

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Since it was not a path through a wood, also by the car-body Mount, blur thought that it was probably few and purchased.Although it attached to the Front Side pipe of 400X and the animation was photographed, there is also no blur and it was able to photograph finely.

It was used instantly on the next day which was attached.Since comment can perform angle adjustment of photography finely, they can choose favorite composition.Moreover, since it attaches to a Helmet unlike sticking to a car body, worries about failure of the apparatus by vibration also decrease.Although it is that the only dissatisfaction only has noisy wind noise, since this does not have what is interrupted in front of a Camera, it is unavoidable.Since the
price is also handy well, considering a Performance, it is satisfactory.

Although a price feels a few more highly, considering a Performance, it can be convinced well.If there is a Helmet mount (one * Base is attached) 360 degrees with a Camera, employment with one Helmet can be performed.
It is a +360 Cameras Helmet mount by sticking this Base to the 2nd Helmet further. Attachment becomes possible and animation photography with two or more Helmets is attained.Although the price to the thing itself is high, I think such thing kana with considering added value.

Attachment is Pons attachment replaced with a pure Cover.
Appearance becomes smart positively as seen. Since it is the
step, it is a thing which is not what takes in a wind directly, but I think that some become help of cooling of a Head. I think that various Arrangements can be performed since the
Mesh is dismountable. A Metallic system is unavoidable although that in which, as for
paint application article, quantity is a little is a Neck.

He is Colet when using a Mount of the Type to stick when using CONTOUR with a Helmet etc., but equipping the head directly for Sportses etc.!

a webike Monitor --
> -- although it considered whether a general-purpose Mount or the Mount for Roll bars would be processed and attached --
-- although it thought whether the amount of money would be a little high with having wanted to certainly fix and the degree of freedom of the Angle, it purchased. As for this, since a Best position can be found in the bend condition of the
angle and an Arm,
completeness of the amount of money is high. Since there is also likely to begin to be no fear of separating during the
run and it can desorb easily, it is Good.

If it attaches, it will play a role in a texture Up by paint application.
I did private paint application of the pure Cowl, and have further attached there. Although the quality of
> paint application is very best and near the head of a Tapping screw separates a little, the hit of Front-tire back is maintaining the still beautiful state, without it seeming that it can delete with a stepping stone (two-year or more use). Although a few had the visual Lowdown effect with
> form, the difference by change of form was not felt so much. It is uninfluential in the
> angle of bank. A Center stand and an Exhaust pipe are worn previously.

[a WEBIKE Monitor] --
> -- it attached also here instantly.
There are no worries with a firm sucker. Although not checked yet at the time of
high speed operation, if it attaches to the windowpane of a car and
use of is done, there is no blur. The Mount attached also to
angle adjustment and a Camera is also attached.
Good shopping was made.