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I attached it to JF81 type PCX. Since the mounting part on the car body side is common to JF 28 type, it can be installed without problems.
Since the holes on the top of the rack are full, you can fit the GIVI base without machining if you match the position of the GIVI base side well.
Rack Body also has a considerable thickness, I think that there is no problem with strength.
At the time of this Impression contribution, Brackets for Box which was released for JF 81 was limited, but it was cheap to install with this product.

Key of the old type got caught and the key bent, so I was pressed for necessity and purchased, but as expected it is a new type of new article. I am satisfied with the Large change to Smooth without getting caught. Although the enclosed Instruction Manual is Simple on a piece of paper, it has been written firmly to the precautions at the time of installation and necessary and sufficient, no more kindness.

The wife or daughter rides mainly behind, but seating comfort at long distances seems to be considerably comfortable after installing this. The texture is not bad, and we recommend mounting Rider, which is often placed behind.
However, in my case I installed a hole by myself, but despite opening a hole in the attached mount that determines the hole position, the position was slightly gapy and a gap was formed between Case Body and Backrest I did it.. It is not as prominent, but I am a little worried. Since it is an overseas product, I am giving up as accuracy as such.
Are my wives and daughters happy? As individuals, I feel that the back hits Body's Hinge a little, so it would be better to have a little more thickness and Large.
After that, the price is too high. It is good to purchase around 3000 yen.

When seeing the picture, it is the same as that of RZON and the price was a bit cheap so purchase here.
I was able to use it without particular problem. If it is a little cheaper it's better and looks a bit rugged.

There are parts that I think are a little hard to turn but I think that if you blow a little inside with CRC probably it will become soft as well.

I tried to replace Ku Case used in Large type Motorcycle with Scooter, but I can not find Exclusive Washer for attaching Base to Carrier.
I thought about installing it with Maru Washer, but there is also the weight of Case, even if it comes off while driving to put the luggage I Large thing.
I also thought of placing an order to Manufacturer, but just to make sure I looked into Webike - - -.
How do you handle it!
Moreover, it is cheaper than Manufacturer order.
I was honestly surprised at this.
Thanks to you I was able to install Case safely.
OEM Parts Number Ordering and saying that we can ask for such detailed parts, as expected, Webike.

Just by using it for Touring only a few times, TopLid dropped out while driving, and it gone.
Even though I did not run off-road, falling down or falling down ...

As I had no choice, I purchased TopLid as Repair Parts and tried to install it, apparently the Screw part on the Box Body side seemed to be stupid, it seems that TopLid has been removed for each Screw
ScrewQuantity like that : If there is a mechanism to fix it with 2pc, what is it?

Since TopLid can not be fixed with Screw, I used adhesive and Double-sided Tape, but I am a little worried that I will not fall off during running

We purchased Backrest together with BOX.

Because it is absolutely necessary that the child wants to ride, a little relief with this. It seems to be lost that it is likely to fly behind...

I think that one who thinks to Backrest was better. I think that it will be a fun Motorcycle life even with a little even comfortably.