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CRAFTMAN memproduksi sparepart original yang dibuat oleh para ahli di bidangnya. Pilihan berbagai macam sparepart CRAFTMAN yang tersedia seperti rearset dan sistem pengereman brembo dirancang dan dibuat dengan sangat detail.

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"I want to replace it with outside Rear Sets which is not too cheap from OEMFour footpeg of SR 400, but rather cheap ... ..... "

With that feeling I bought a product of Black dyed VERSION!

Installation is easy!
Take it out of the box, assemble it, just remove the original footpeg and change it as it is! Easy! You can do it for 2 hours!

However, as it is, the feel of Drum brake on the rear wheels becomes strangely hard, so Brake's ROD, Lever and Spring are almost indispensable for exchanging with those of the OEMRear Sets era, unless it is necessary to step on the Rear brake I will. Very dangerous. Hazardous danger.
It still seems stocked by YAMAHA, so let's buy it in parallel! And then let's have a check around Brake!

important point
? Because the strength of SR vibration, Screw stopping the rod body that puts on footpeg 's feet gently loose, so I recommend you to use Screw lock agent other than the moving part.
? Because the position of footpeg changed and my sense was going crazy, I bumped my feet well during garage when I changed it. very painful.
? People who care about Rubber of Change lever and Rubber of Brake lever are small, I think whether it would be better to separately facilitate Large-sized items.
? Depending on the shape of the Exhaust System, the Brake lever interferes. Request consultation with Exhaust System.

As for appearance it is very good!
There is also a Cut-out and a quiet and heavy feeling, yet it does not claim too much. very good. Cool!

It is recommended for people who would like to be Rear Sets who are not flashy too much.

The handle of the type with wiring recess was not suited.
It has been fixed in the state where it floated just for a moment.
He is smart in style.

Since the brake line of stainless mesh nakedness was used until now, it was a difficulty that it was easy to attach a wound to the surroundings.
After attaching this product this time, it became reliable at all.
the touch measure which the start of effectiveness became early lightly [ the touch in the case of breaking ].
Appearance is good looking above all.

Position is good first. Riding posture, Riding posture is also good Parenthesis in a position easy to handle without pass and Stress. Shift feeling is as good as OEM. Since OEM for Rear Sets' SpringTorsion and BrakeShaft are necessary, it is necessary to prepare separately. Rear brake will hardly work unless you exchange it. Although it is using for half a year, it maintains a good texture with little deterioration and peeling of Anodized. Although it is also described in the Instruction Manual, application of Screw lock at installation is required. Especially the Nut on the Shift side is easy to disengage.

2004 year, GILERA RUNNERVXR 200 I installed it in 4t. Because it is a special item, thinking that it can be installed without thinking, starting installation. I do not know why, Lever root part touched Front Handlebar Cover, Cover was cut and mounted with Cutter. The texture is low for the price
I am using it with Lever grip now because sense is not so good.

Overall satisfaction (Especially Position) Although it is attached, Shift Pedal which was installed initially interfered with Cap Nut of OEM which fixed footpeg. Although it is not seen anywhere in description or Review, it may be only yourself, but if you ride without noticing it will not interfere at the time of SHIFT UP but it catches on down. At first, I did not understand what was the cause and stepped strongly downshift and after returning home I watched CapNut and the Reverse side of Pedal was also scraped. Shock is & hel

It installed in 04 XL 1200 R. In the initial setting, Main200 Throw 52 Needle Top 4 from the top and quite dense Maximum speed 160 Maximum fuel consumption is 18 km / Since it is L, it is a waste if you do not ask the person who can set it or Shop. Air cleaner's back plate purchased a dedicated Oval Type at SUNDANCE
For reference, my current is 180 to 185 Throw 42 to 45 Needle from the top 2nd to 3rd highest speed 180 or more Fuel economy 20km / L

Although shape and size are satisfactory, there are no badly machined cutting surfaces and there are BALIs and Bolt tightening surfaces also have steps. When I saw it was a finished product? I thought that it was useless so I finished it myself.
It was not the quality that matched the price.