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It was cheap, so I was a bit uneasy, but it was installed almost as usual with OEM. Moreover, although it is a small amount of money, it is recommended because it is cheaper than OEM.

I was planning to exchange around the Light.
Famous Manufacturer's products are quite expensive ....
I did not even know if it would work but I want to try it.

I wonder if this price does not have to go well
I thought to buy it.
The product itself is worried about Waterproof but it is good.
It looks like an old Gold bulb a little better.

It's pretty bright.
How to adjust the optical axis in the horizontal direction ....

I use it for Short Exhaust, but I am not dissatisfied.
What's cool. Glass Wooletc. There is nothing to say if it is attached, but because the price is cheap ...
The sound is explosive.

Всем привет! На днях получил посылку, очень хорошо упаковано, в коробку с бумагой и пупыркой, сама коробка не помята, ветровику тем более ничего не будет. В комплекте: сам ветровик, 2 крепления и 4 болта с шайбами и гайками. Все очень понравилось, тем более что заказывал со скидкой, при регистрации. Ветровик еще не установил, у нас зима и выпал снег, не до этого)) но уверен что все подойдет. Единственное то, что посылка не отслеживалась, но это кому как, мне не важно, главное все пришло в целости и сохранности. Рекомендую! (translated by Google Translator) Hello! The other day I received the parcel, it is very well packed, in a box of paper and a puppy, the box itself is not rumpled, the windshield, the more nothing will be. Included: self windscreen, 2 mounts and 4 bolts with washers and nuts. I liked everything very much, especially as I ordered at a discount, at registration. The windmill has not yet been installed, it's winter and snow fell, not before that)) but I'm sure that everything will fit. The only thing is that the package was not tracked, but it's someone like, I do not care, most importantly everything came in one piece. I recommend!

I bought it for KLX 250 but the thickness of Seal is thicker than OEM. Therefore, because Clip does not stick, I gave up the wearing. That's too bad.

It is also a Universal product but there is no way but I thought that it was not suitable for cb 400 sf installation.
Just because it is a Universal Product, I will give up only if the shape is slightly larger than the product that prevents exhaust leakage.
It is not necessarily a product that can not be installed.

CB400SB (NC39) Used in.
Exhaust leak if attaching while considering something like Small.
It was obviously small as compared with the one of KITACO ordered at a later date.
CB 400 SF for compatible models (NC31,NC39) Although there are, I think that it can not be used in these Motorcycle.

Although it was not specified in the product description, Valve's color was Yellow color. Those who are wearing the current era Yellow color Valve do not see it first. If you write it in one item description, the evaluation is 4. It will be 0 or more.
Valve has been wasted.