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I used it even in the previous car, I knew there was also for NINJA, ordered immediately and tried it.
Fit feeling is a bit inferior as other people say, but it looks a little away, so it looks good at all, so I can forgive it at all..
I think that the Gold amount is cheaper than buying Stone Grip and buying Tank Pad.
I think it's good.

I was worried about what to do with Tank Pad with the change of train, but I knew that Pleasure made by the previous car was out and bought it.
I will make a gap, but I like it because there is no other texture.
It would have been better if the price went down a bit if you wanted it, but the number will not come out, is not it.

I ran into the Normal tandem seat with a box for Motorcycle flight, but the Tandem seat of NINJA 2 Helmet 50 RR is sharp.
That's like Small Mountain!
A huge box gaps on Left to Right like Yayaro Broke! So, purchase this PleasurePorterGel!
Stability when putting a box, no complaints! For those who like to put on luggage on a regular basis, it is a recommended shape.
Although this product is Paint to OEM color, color tone is perfect! The firm feeling of construction is without complaint.
And the problem is that if you do not install it properly, the place where the Wound sticks to the car body ... ... ... It is better to shave and adjust!
Considering Price, it is not expensive but cheap and reasonable finish!
Speaking of a bit of derailment, Rear view after unloading boxes and luggage is a bit disgusting!

I bought a Visor but I was not satisfied so much and I was looking for it, I found this and bought it. I was half confident, but I got really cool. However, the price was not satisfied for a moment.

It is for NINJA 2 Helmet 50SL, but it can also be installed on Z250SL.

However, in the case of Z "KAWASAKI" Since Logo is drawn on both sides of Tank, the last of Left Sidekawasaki "I" It hid, kawasak (Leather Sack) It will become. (Right barely "awasaki" It does not become. )

However, Z / NINJA It is common to note that the shapes are properly matched, so cover the gap and Tank / Repeatedly, Wank will definitely be added to Tank. Wound comes in handy.
I did not do it, but it may be avoidable if you slurp the inside or do something before installing and slippage.

After that, the other person is written, but those who lie down like riding over Tank will surely get in the way. If you pay attention only to that point, is it okay to install as long as you like it.
By the way, I have two objectives to replace Tank Pad and add Space for document entry.
It is written that Double - sided Tape is attached and used for installation, but I use it in the Dashboard such as a car from the purpose of putting in documents Pitat Seat? (Those who do not slide so that the thing they put on sticks) I cut it and used it.

Since Base is made of FRP, it is easy to match the position.

The surface is somewhat soft, so it's a touch of preference.

In the attached Magic tape, because the gap opens, I fixed it firmly with a thick Double-sided Tape, but after all it opened.

In order to cover up to SIDE of Tank, I can avoid scratching with G bread etc and I will not go to Stomp Grip, but it is easy to hold as a nonslip.

If there was a little more height, it would have been better if Cover to near the fuel filler a little more ....

Tank's feeling of falling down disappears, although it is satisfactory in terms of style, it does not mean that Knee grip is easy to do. However, because it can not lie hidden by that amount, it was not suitable for running Circuit.

The Headlight louver (Black) was attached to ZRX1200DAEG.

attachment was easy and it only attached it to double-stick tape.Although two Bolts were attached as
accessories, it is disagreeable that a hole will be made in a Cowl and it is making it attachment of only double-stick tape.
I think that it does not separate probably since adhesion of the Tape itself attached to the product from the first is also satisfactory.(Check periodical naturally is carried out.)
When it separates, I think that it is satisfactory with the double-stick tape only for resin currently sold in the Home center.It degreases well in the case of
attachment, and unless it removes and attaches oil (Wax etc.), it does not adhere well.
I think again that it adheres better [ it / to press down and place the sticking portion temporarily (for several minutes) ].

As for an automobile inspection, only one is troublesome.Since it is the parts which influence the quantity of light and an optical axis although the
Louver itself is not an item caught in an automobile inspection, I consider it as it is better to remove at the time of an automobile inspection.I think that the novel Face appropriate for the

Kawasaki becomes more stern, and is very good goods.