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Custom Japan

Custom Japan merupakan distributor sparepart dan aksesoris untuk mobil dan motor di Jepang. Berbekal keahlian dan pengalaman di bidang sparepart, Custom Japan juga mengembangkan sparepart dan aksesoris original.

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There is something where the fabric stands with Ha Gap and the pill has awesome standing. It would be fine if you choose fabrics according to the application, but if it is then Home center's Dustcloth is good.
Not bad, but I can not recommend it.

I used Dustcloth made of paper so far, but since it was broken by Chain, I purchased this Dustcloth.

The impression I used was thin and soft compared to paper.
Chain I do not want to be torn during cleaning so I will continue to use it.

I mainly use it for cleaning of Chain.
Even if I wipe it with gossyping, even if it hooks on Sprocket, it is saved because it can be used up to the end without breaking it.
I am glad that there are few fuzzing as well..

The size of Dustcloth is uneven, HandkerchiefSize for Small things and T-Shirt for Large ones are all included, so it can be used depending on the application.

Cloth Dustcloth is 500 yen / Although it is not as profitable as to be able to buy with 1 kg, since it is the amount of money that you can extend your hand without resistance, I thought that you would like to keep one bag for now.

I think the quality of Dustcloth is normal. However, Large is quite irregular and I use it every time I use it for the convenience of Large in Scissors. It is easy to use if the Large Kimono is gathered a little more.

【What made you decide the purchase?】 Sometimes, other than paper waste
【How was it actually used?】 I used it for cleaning the Chain. Whenever Paper waste, Keba sticks to Chain, becomes Gushagusha. You can use it without problems even if you work with power.
[Is there anything I was disappointed about?] nothing special.
【Hope for Manufacturer - Please tell me if there are any improvement points】 No particular.
【Have you compared items?】 Dustcloth with seams
[Others] If it is not nervous, I think that Dustcloth with a seam is also good. I am also using it for shoe polish.

Cost performance seemed to be high so I bought it.
I am using it for wiping and car washing of Grease and Parts cleaner.
Since it can be replaced easily with new ones if it gets dirty, the finish is also beautiful, it is recommended goods.

Cost performance seemed to be good so I tried purchasing.
Mainly Oil and Parts cleaneretc. Although it is used for wiping, it is usable without problems in particular. In particular Wheel - With cleaning of Chain, Paper waste is useful because Garbage is too much. The price is reasonable, so it is good that you do not feel guilty even if you disposal it.
Although it is unknown about water absorbency, will not it improve if I wash it several times after I bought it. However, as it is natural, I think that it is better not to use it for wiping the car body after car wash because it is coarse cloth. It is Dustcloth of the dirt wiping system to the last.
I would like to purchase regularly in the future.

Tentatively, I bought Dustcloth for the first time.
I have used KitchenPaper in Main so far
It is much easier to use this way.
I thought that the price was also high.
I do not feel like reducing it after several times
From now on wash and Maintenanceetc. I would like to use GunGun at.