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The goods themselves were beautiful and good, but when I ran about 100 km after installation I extended it. GACHAGACHA I was anxious about when it was noisy and when it was adjusted with a certain amount of slack, I immediately changed it to RKChain. Although it may be good if it is important to look at ... If you buy more then 3000 yen was weak now is now 6480 yen? Has risen so much, but absolutely RK if you buy this price and buy it. EK. Recommendation of DID.

I purchased it because I wanted to put a color chain. Originally thought to join with Clip, I abandoned that the Plate hole for Clip did not enter Small. I think Crimp has some difficulty with accuracy.

In the appearance of Motorcycle, Chain's color is an element that changes the impression and I think that the effect is Large.
I think that it is better to choose carefully as it is only an important part.
Under such circumstances the location of this product might be like high quality for the price.
With CRF 250 L, the Piece number is 106.
FOR JAPAN MODEL Manufacturer made by Piece Price by Large Husband Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) In general it seems that
It seems to be a little ten thousand yen with cheap things.
Compared to this the price of this product is less than 120Piece Large husband seems cheap.
However, I have to have tools that cut chains and crimp tools
We are planning to procure tools later or ask people to install.
It seemingly kind at the same time that Joint has two types, Crimp and Clip
I could not use the Clip expression and managed to connect with the Crimp formula.
It seems there is a problem with processing accuracy.
I feel quiet running noise and low running resistance as I run.
The neighborhood seems to be comparable to FOR JAPAN MODEL Manufacturer.
However, Crimp does not have any immediate problem since it is all Piece sweet, but durability is
I am a little anxious..
Compared to FOR JAPAN MODEL Manufacturer, it has advantages and disadvantages, so you need to compare well and shop
There will.
Still the impression that I could do a good shopping in my case remained.

I installed the color chain I was curious about from the front.
Because it changes to Sprocket also because it is Ronsei it seems to be problematic although it has become quite long.
Black gold It may be a classic but I'm satisfied with Large

Previously I bought it with other Shop, but this time
I purchased it together with other products, so I made it here.
Many varieties were handled, so exactly the same thing
I was grateful to purchase.

Since it corresponds to the Chain of a Type, it is GOOD!
workability is also good.

Only the Clip joint is contained. Then, it is a bad joke as it is 1400-cc correspondence.
Although I had attached to R1, the Clip blew away in the instant. Since the LINK part was pressing fit, it was not able to take, but the run became impossible. problematic at
safety -- it is . Although the Crimp was also enclosed before, it is excluded in why now.
Although it seems that the old lot product is contained,
joint portion is if an order will seemingly be impossible and a handling agency cannot respond, either. It is an honest Garbage. Even if it can use, it is to at most 400 cc. Shall you be careful?

"It was used for YZF-R1. Since it is a half price of the other company, I was worried. However, it is exactly filled with grease like the other company, and is saved, and two kinds of metal fittings, a crimp type and a clip type, were enclosed. It has no problem although I run about 500km. Although sudden acceleration and engine braking multiple use were done many times, it is bearing. Although it is originally a vehicle type fixed by a crimp, since it failed, it has changed to the clip. Although I hear that durability falls, unless it uses it in a race, I think that it is satisfactory. Since it is coloring, appearance is good, and dirt becomes unconspicuous."