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Ulasan Produk CYCLE-AM

CRM250Rr (MD24-140XXXX) I was trying to attach it to the level, but it was Level which makes me think about conformity, there was not anything of dimensions.

For those that are not compatible, you will find that it is necessary to process a lot.

Despite being stated as conforming, you have to cut down SIDE considerably.

When thinking that it entered, the width of the R part that comes to the bottom of Seat is also too large, so you have to force and tighten with Bolt and pulling it down, the Tail part also turns upwards due to its bowing and forcibly tightening with Bolt.

Of course, unchecked state that it jumps upwards with a shabby!.

The gap between the Fender part and the Body part that comes to the Engine side can also be quite Gabagaba. (Please take a look at the photos as they can not explain well in words)

Since it is a Saturdays and Sundays event, we have not heard from Support yet, but it is a product of Level that can not be convinced if we can not return it honestly.

Screw Not enough to open a hole Processing at the Level Level can not be fitted properly = I think that it is a defective item from the beginning.

Evaluation of other people seems good, but I definitely will not recommend it.

To put the Guard on the DJEBEL 250 XC, this product only appears. I packed it with the sawteeth in the rear of the Right Side. Miscellaneous quality. Gold amount is also less than 5000 yen item.
12000 yen is terrible. Mounting Bolt nut etc. also purchased again at the separate home center etc. If you can do some processing yourself, I think that there is no problem.

I arrived at CRF 250 L.

I think that RALLY 50 feeling may appear as it looks.
I have not run yet, but I can not feel the reverberation of Engine much.
Frame can also be guard up until just before Rear Suspension Link.

However, since it is not mounted so as to follow the Frame, we do not recommend using Lift jack with this product installed.

And although it is mounting on the side of the mount plate, since Rubber parts are used, deterioration is a concern. As a countermeasure, I would like to manufacture a 5 mm mount plate and mount it on Bolt nut with its anti-vibration Rubber clamped on the mount plate.

It is one item recommended for people who can process for a while.

On the way of Touring, I was running FlatDirt on the forest road, so I tried it on for a while. I only fix with Screw 4, but because the Screw hole was misaligned, I spread the lower Screw hole slightly vertically. Since it is processing under assumption, there is no problem. There is certainly an echo of the Engine, but I wonder if it is enough.
Material is not ba LePera, it is made quite solidly by plastic

I used a mileage of 30,000 kilograms for 3 years since installing.
Forest Road Touring 1% Discount, OffRoad course 30% driving, 60% commuting helps us to break without being split. Occasionally there are runs such as galleies.
Because WR has car weight, it was exactly right as we were looking for a lightweight item as possible.
I was able to install it without problems without mounting without problems. Oil It is necessary to remove it when replacing.

I installed it in WR 250x this time.
As a purpose, it is prevention of dirt adhesion to Engine part.
When it is Aluminum's Guard, I hear that the reverberation heard in Review is bad and X. Carbon will be expensive. Where I was looking for various things, I came to CYCLE-AM.
The contents are only Body, Washer, Bolt. Although there is no Instruction Manual for installation, I think that it is understood in the atmosphere how to install.
Regarding Material, I think that it is very good as a plastic, elasticity and lightness.
As for the installation, the Bolt hole was still slightly gapy. But something that is overseas made somewhat lacking in Fit feeling is like a promise and it was possible to install without any problems if adjusted slightly with File. That is one of the pleasures and there is nothing wrong with it.
Screw lock properly to prevent Bolt loosening due to vibration.
I ran after installation.
Engine sound will be heard as you increase the number of revolutions again.
But is it better than Aluminum?
As long as it covers the Engine part, it is acceptable because there are a lot of things like that.
After traveling, I tried checking the Guard, but steadily and stepping stones etc. Although there was a dent due to this, I think that the role is firmly fulfilled if I think that the Engine division is protected by this.
It looked a little better and I was happy to buy it.

WR 250 R should be more solid if it is better
As expected, if WR 250 X, Small from stones and dirt
Because it is about Guard, I thought that this was enough and bought it.
The rest is light and rarely Aluminum or iron is fast
I heard rumors that resonance sound comes out, I quit.
You need to make it look good enough.
It's Very Good..

I do not have any plans to run a special Off-road, but since I can go into the off-road securely at any time without fail, I purchase it.
I feel pretty well, I wonder if it is about a hone stone.
Color also has White and Black, so also Dress-up.
Chidomi chooses Black as the body of BlueWhite. It is a feeling that it is Pop to White, to chic to Black.