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Since BalanceFreeFork of GSX - R1000R also had Top cap of 45 mm, it purchased.
I was convinced of the price with the Cut-out of the rain.
Like the Socket wrench's PowerFit, the groove is digging so as not to damage the BoltHead's Edge and it can be likable.

Until now I have been adjusting Spoke while listening to the sound by listening to the sound but it was not quite like I fastened it to the same feeling, but I was suffering from different things, but this time I purchased this item and Maintenance is very I began to make progress ... It is a word of wonderful.

It changes in Attachment and goes according to Nipple of various Size.
Although the price stretches, excessive tightening is gone, etc. Evening etc.. Recommended because it can be tightened to understand easily!
The point I care about is incredibly expensive so I think that it will be whether or not we will be able to go on, but since it is a tool that has never been better, it is a person who is maintained by myself on an off car or on a person riding MOTARD and is not good at Spoke I think that it is good for those who do not know the adjustment.

Used for ZX14 ForkMaintenance. Just until Piston rodNut comes out Color's Clamp bolt will interfere with the Inner Tube and can not be lowered .... It is not a Level that can be picked out even if it is pulled out. Without helping at home center Bolt and Nut (M12 Pitch 1. 25) Purchased and dealt with.

Originally when I was riding in Motorcycle of Ekishin Fork, year 1 - I was willing to exchange Fork oil twice.
However, after changing to Inverted Front Fork's Motorcycle, I was hesitating from the necessity of Special Tools to replace Fork's Oil.
About 3 times I created a self-made tool of about 1000 yen at Home center from the Net blog article, I was exchanging Oil, but when I use it cut off Bolt's Nut as Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Because it is necessary to tighten it alternately, we consume a lot of power and time, it got almost half a day work and the next day the arms and back were every muscle pain every morning.
As I was expecting, this work became tougher after the age of 40, so I was looking for a special tool, but when I saw that I was working on a go-live Motorcycle shop and I was working, the price was cheaper than the similar item I bought it because it is a product of technics with a reputation for Suspension OH.
As for goods, Fork 's Color presser parts are attached to long columns of similar products and Fork' s Color presser parts are attached, moving the column downward by tightening Screw, this product is integrated with the upper half of the column and Color presser, The entire column will move to expand and shrink.
As a result, this product can shorten the total length when stored.
For Color hold down, it is easier for Spring collar to process the tip of Hexagon Bolt, and you can lower Color more firmly than the product that just uses Screw as it is.
Speaking of the difficulty, in the picture of product description Material : Silver color like Stainless Steel, but in reality it is painted in black with iron, so it was different from the item explanation picture and I was surprised.
For work, adjust the Screw of Color holders according to ForkColor, then turn Nut on the upper part with Ratchet short, Large and Fork Spring shrinks without the need for force, so working time is shortened and muscle pain of the next day It was released from.
With Spring rate change etc. etc. You can also feel free to set up Fork including including.

It is essential for people who OH for Front fork by myself.
The price is also affordable and very easy to use compared to other similar things.
We almost no longer use force for disassembly and assembly.

Normally when burning in Inverted Front Fork, amateur work hooked Stainless Steel Wire to DamperROD to raise ROD, but Ignoring Oil that is blowing up by raising.
If you use this ROD, you will have to seal it there so you have to finish halfway and you can perfect air bleed.
Four types of Screw diameters - Because it corresponds to Pitch, it is recommended for those who have hesitated to arrange Special Tools for each Motorcycle Manufacturer.

I first exchanged Oil of the inverted Front fork. SHOWA's 41 pie about 20 years ago. From now on I think I will exchange Oil once every two years.

I bought it for things like for On Road, but the depth of Bolt hooked in the hole of Spacer was short, so I could only hook Bolt to One Side for my Motorcycle Spacer. When I contact Manufacturer "Please understand that it is a universal product" I did it with. Universal Product that can not be used widely At least the usable range (Size) I think that should be explained. By the way my Motorcycle is famous ManufacturerY