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I think that there is no loss by having one for Plug replacement.
Because of the relationship of the motorcycle on which we ride, we often replace Jet class, so we need to check burning color of Jet, so we use it a lot, but we have no complaints, think about Cost performance and various Even it is a convincing product.

This item moves the Socket part very flexibly. Moreover, since I can remove Plug socket and use it with Torque wrench etc, I think that it is convenient to use.

Large hand Manufacturer I thought it would have been good to buy a tool, but since it is not like a person who will change Plug in a couple of months, it will not be a problem if it is not a tool Manufacturer but a Large hand Manufacturer, Purchase and purchase.

It is very easy to use. Because it is a clownfish.
I also tried it on a car test, but it is no use after all. Do not do that. There are things that are unusual to use - - -.

Also, as the thing itself is so long, I wonder if it can be a kind of car that needs to be screwed down as it is - - -.

It was difficult to remove the plug of MT 09, but it was easy to remove it with this plug wrench. The price is affordable and satisfied. It seems to be an exclusive tool for MT.

I was in trouble because I could not remove the inside plug of 4 cylinder.
With this tool you can easily remove it without scratching the Frame.
I wish I had bought it sooner.

Replacement from OEM Product because it is the second time since Oil exchange since purchasing Motorcycle in second hand.

It is good that Filter folds are larger than OEM, but I do not know the performance. Although it is a product of Eastern one, the thing is the same as the one made by DAYTONA and the price is the same.
Is it attractive that you can purchase it within 1000 yen.

Used with Sooner 100.

Because the Plug is behind the scenes, it was Large strange to remove in the Type Plug wrench that inserts a stick from the side.

This Wrench has a magnet on the inside, making it not to drop the plug, and it was easy to remove the plug from Body.
(When clamping, the handle was T-shaped, so the angle was clearly understandable feeling)

Since you can also remove the Socket section, it seems that you can use it even with other Size's Socket.

I think that I was glad I bought it.

Scooter's Plug replacement is covered with Covers so it's quite Large strange.
I also used to take a plug in a little Sm La La Jet, until now I was churning and taking a plug.
Of course, I knew the item here before, but I did not purchase it because it is not a translation that I frequently use separately.
However, I decided to buy that I can work comfortably if I still had to exchange Plug this time.
When using this, it is quite convenient and Big.
Especially I think people who are riding in Scooter have no losses.