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It became smart at the highest.
Although it is somewhat high, please try!!

I like Red color, so when I see Red
I think installation is correct
Because my own lucky Color is Red (Lol)
I have not seen anyone who is attaching
I can not turn it on ... I want to see it.
It's a bit better Custom.

Since color is beautiful, it is recommendation to a dress-up up! It has attached firmly, without carrying out grumblingly by vibration also during a run.
It is better to attach so that it may not damage since it is spoilt if stained with a crack in the stage of attachment.

It purchased by appearance serious consideration.
A nut cover was not attached although attached to CB400SF2006.

It is the free (; 繧慴斐?) decoration whose original meaning is not since only the nut side can be equipped like [ in this vehicle type ] a photograph although it is a thing for an axle funnel to make an axle shaft easy to draw out in a race etc.
It is self-satisfied.
However, eyes are charmed.
At the time of parking, since the side here is easily conspicuous, in the related product of an accessories dress-up up, it is a conspicuous existence.
In side reaction, the damage to an expensive caliper and Faulk may be escaped because he can delete.
It is possibility to the last.
Moreover, as another side reaction, the axle nut which was able to be removed with the spanner glasses wrench until now will be in the state which cannot be removed if a socket wrench is not used - Where it is not attached.
although it is also subtracted in serviceability, it is satisfactory even if it runs to appearance serious consideration, since it rarely removes well -- it is -- it resulted in wearing in ..
It was good to be attached, although the manufacturer's homepage was not found but bought it with the intention of gambling of whether it is attached or not to be attached about goods (^_^;)

he is preeminently smart although it is slightly expensive! since it is an exclusive design -- a fixed screw -- exactly -- ^^. a dress-up up -- a maximum of w

Black is attached to a zoomer (ruckus).
The element for the purpose of a dress-up up is more expensive than the original purpose as written [, you ].
* is three just in that a price should be [ the back ] somewhat cheap.

A zoomer (ruckus) is equipped.
I think that it is very effective for the dress-up of good point axle part up.
There are also many color variationses and an anodized is also beautiful.
It becomes easy to draw out an axle shaft.
Bad point It is not in particular.
Although somewhat expensive mind is also carried out so, I think that they are parts which can be immersed complacently.