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Although my address is stopped to the parking area in front of a station, a wound surely enters.
A sticker is stuck as wound hiding at such time.
Since the place containing a wound is also generally the same, it serves also as prevention of a crack entering again.
If it sticks also on the binder used at work, he will enjoy a lively motorcycle discourse.
it is good for adjustment when coming out to a slight degree and calling it mailing cost no charge etc.

When changing the Locke number, troubles were suffered a little.

brand name :DAMMTRAX dam trucks: -- sticker decal product number: -- W-DAM-630 TRIUMPH is a white blue character sticker.
It was connected with the triumph tiger 1050 and purchased.
For looking for [ TRIUMPH or ] this product since it is not written at all, pains was truly taken over Mr. Webike's merchandise information.
And there is almost no information also in a maker site.
I want you to carry at least a keyword at least.
A size and not understanding at all are also x.
It is still under illusion with where it will stick.

The shape is very cool. It fits perfectly with the retro helmet such as Shoei and Arai. It is exquisite in workmanship and easy to use. I bought two at a time. 造型很漂亮,完美适配Shoei,Arai等复古头盔,做工精致,使用方便,我一次买了两个,凹造型必备!

The color is lighter than I thought. I thought it would be like a winker color.but this is Forsythia color. Other product details are transparent and strong

Hold the Jet helmet on hand Mad Max (MADMAX) Of GOOSESpec. To
I made a purchase in order to bring it closer..

Because it is Hook, installation is easy. Teardrop type Sunglasses is also easy to put on.

The feeling that I tried was that it was not breathing hard and I smelled very hard of the preceding Diesel car
Exhaust Gas does not feel bitter and comfortable.

Sunglasses can be frosty on a hot day, but when the temperature is a little low
I will become cloudy by all means.

I thought it was only for midwinter, but the summer day of Golden Week was also comfortable without feeling the heat.

The part that hits the face is a soft material and the face does not hurt.

However, since manuals are not attached, I do not know how to wash.
If I wash it in washing net I think Large is durable. Since the surface is not genuine leather.

It was Full face On, but it is very comfortable so we have more machines running on Jet helmet.

Received the good in order. Liking the old school sticker for my CB1300SF retro bike. Have been Webike customer since 2013 and they have not disappointing me on any of my orders.

I am impulse buying.
I do not plan to go to Touring with my dog, but I'd like to put it in a room as a custom painted object and keep it on the Helmet holder as an amulet.