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inside-and-outside publication: Riding technique lecture big machine is manipulated free inside-and-outside publication product number [ of Hideki Kashiwa ]:NG027 In DVD[ a goods detailed DVD inclusion time:90 minute big machine extremely popular plan Hideki Kashiwa's big machine is manipulated free ] & video.
Movie of the subject which became a bestseller from immediately after sale.

When I got my license for Motorcycle, I actually ran on the road and realized that the knowledge of the school was not very useful.
In the Motorcycle magazine, I learned that sometimes I keep teaching old information at the school, I bought a DVD of Kashiwa who wrote that Column.
The contents are not only the basis of Motorcycle actions such as Shift operation, Breaking, Cornering, UTurn, but also comment on the physical condition such as preparation gymnastics before getting on the ride.
On the street there are danger predictions, selection of traveling line, how to use your eyes, city area - It explains how to run in various high speed situations.
Since it is a commentary while shooting a movie, it is much easier to understand than reading a sentence, and since Kashiwa's teaching also puts new information in its own theory, it will be helpful and teaching methods are good and exciting It is easy to hear.

Although it is in Big bike and Title, since it explains with focusing on handling Motorcycle safely than running fast, there are many Know-how that can be used for Motorcycle of SmallEngine Displacement Volume. People who usually have two wheels are worth buying.

I thought that this was also, I thought I bought it
It was a summary of the articles on a certain magazine.

"I read this ... ...." Although there were many parts that I thought, "This was how it was like this" And there are few parts that can be recognized again, it will be as much as reading in the kill time.

[webike Monitor] Although it is the Title
which manipulates the
> Big machine free, we can also recommend it to the beginners of the
Motorcycle itself, such as a safe run
Corner ring, a Breaking, etc. in the inside of the
Riding position or a town. the U-turn using the
Idling and Rear brake unique to a Big machine in
> U-turn --
-- it explains intelligibly. I think that
various discovery also of the middle-class persons who have ridden somehow usually [
> ] may be able to be carried out.

This DVD has improved to the extent that I want you to use even for the lecture of a driving school. It is explained, while a very natural thing also mixes advice kindly so that it may be easy to understand to beginner Rider. Many Riding Techniques based on a theory abundant the contents and unique to Mr. Kashiwa, such as how to use U-turn and a Brake, are introduced. We recommend you by all means.

They are the contents made for the directions which are going to set foot in a Circuit from now on. The Rule at the time of a Circuit run, manners, and notes are explained intelligibly. Since a Circuit Riding-technique lecture is different, it regards the person experienced in a Circuit, and an upper person as whether they are contents which are seldom consulted even if it sees. I recommend by all means to Circuit beginners.

a knee -- a pickpocket wants to carry out!! The feeling (OoO)/! which wants to decide a Hanging on with a sufficient Parenthesis is a motive of purchase.
-- good point
and knee -- a pickpocket's Form is concrete and intelligible! Since how to warm
and the Tire explained using a picture in detail about
and a Breaking is also explained. Beginners were helpful to the

individual target which explains saved
and reverse steering in detail. especially -- a knee -- a pickpocket -- it was intelligible about how to apply a Form, a Breaking, and reverse steering. Moreover, Mr. Maruyama's hot description is obtained and drawn. It is interesting!
(OoO)/which I will regard as a Cool if this is seen and a Riding form is decided!