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Everyday wear does not purchase except M, but only winter Outer has failed in M, M can not wear it inside, on the other hand Panther DOW 's DownOuter does not even have to wear it, but cold feeling is transmitted on cold days To come. Even in LL, the chest becomes a bang when it gets inside, and if it is 3 L, the dress length and the sleeve length are chicken. This LB size setting is exquisite. Although it is used for commuting, there is no thing that the cooling sensation of the outside air is transmitted because it can wear it inside. It was nice to really buy.

One year A little, sewing of Shoulder part and Bag Body part was broken - - - Pack

It's fluffy Chinese-made !!

More sewing firmly - - - I bought two LargeSmall ~

Since it is still before use, talk about Size
I have purchased the LB of All season jackets of the same Manufacturer in the past, and at that time it was a little large-scale.
So I saw the Size table and purchased LL this time.

As a result, because of cotton buds or with Chest Protector installed it is exactly what T-Shirt is inside.
Since I can not feel so much, I became worried that Large would be durable in the winter.

Incidentally, it is medium-sized at 73 kilometers of 173 cm.
Yu ○ I wear M ~ L on Black.

Created based on Wei Big's Template!

? 【What made you decide the purchase?】
Motorcycle wear unknown, because the feeling of fashion was out.

? 【How was it actually used?】

What I felt good
- Wonderful Design
- I expect cold weather and windproof as it is
- Large Hand Manufacturer's Chest Protector and Common Mount!

A little disappointing point
- I was worried that what "smell" of Made in China peculiar? Comes out from packing.
(You can take it for a while)
- Parka around the neck also folds,
Because the storage method is dirty it can be done to the last.. I feel it..

? 【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】
Chest Protector's Mount is common and easy

? 【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】
There is a simple Instruction Manual, so I think you can understand it.

? Fit feeling and height when wearing - Please tell me the weight etc (Apparel case)
- Size is reasonable Fit feeling with height 165 cm, 60 kg.
With other Manufacturers, winter goods are also dressed in M ??Size,
Here is the size of just about Inner if you bring in the best.
It seems that it will not come up even by ordinary shops.

? [Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
From the functionality, it is Wear to buy with Silhouette.
The function is summarized briefly, suppressing points.
It may be somewhat coarse sewing way... (There seems to be individual differences)

? [Request to Manufacturer - Please let me know if there are any improvement points】 Required
Although it is a high Level as a product, considering a little about whether it matches the price when looking at the details makes.
I think durably 2 winter is the best.

? 【Have you compared items?】
As a feeling of use, it is close to Honda's Wear.
Durable feeling is cool.

I think that those who want to ride safely in the Motorcycle rather than the Honda party have room for consideration.

Purchased because it was Chest Protector compatible. It's bad that I did not check well, but I misunderstand that there is no explanation and there is a ProtectorPocket. Well, thinking that Chest Protector is installed, is it possible?
I am not alone. Well, it's good because it's not cold (Tears)

It is compatible with Chest Protector, but there is no Pocket for Protector. It is premised that Protector is used separately. Other than that it is not complaining. Because it is 50% Off. If Inner is devised it will be possible to go through spring.

I arrived the day before the touring on the 2nd night, but as if I had been wearing it for a while I was able to wear without any discomfort. Since the rise is also not low rise, I am relieved to the uncle's servant. For my body type, most of M Size for Motorcycle matches exactly, but this product was also just fine with M Size. Just a longer longer was better for the inseam. Because fabric is unexpectedly thick, I think that it is right for spring and autumn. The color felt the real thing was a brighter color than Khaki looked at in the picture. There are lots of Pockets, too much Large things are not included, but I think that it is better to be clearer in terms of design.
I am sorry, or a little worried part, that the threads of the crotch part had protruded 4 or 5 threads. I have cut it with scissors, but I hope it will not fray only in the portion that is burdensome ...

Cold weather resistance, water resistance, no complaints
You can usually use it in a sense like Down
Why should COSPA be compared with other products?
It is in a price meaning
It is good that you do not really like it for Motorcycle