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High Quality, Nice Mask, Good Good

Good Good Quality, Fit Size , Nice Mask

Good Mask, Fit Size, ...zzzzz

Good Mask, Fit Size, Good quality

Pertama kali melakukan pembelian di webike indonesia , sangat puas dengan pelayanan CS nya Dan produk yang di jual juga sesuai keinginan ; produk bagus . Terimakasih webike Indonesia , sukses selalu

I didn't expect the Degner Adjust Seat Bag to be as roomy as it turned out to be. In its regular size (with the extension zips closed), it comfortably holds a rainsuit, rain gloves, a small first aid kit, the waterproof rain cover the bag comes with, and the front pocket can easily accommodate my helmet lock and smaller items. I like the build quality and the materials. When expanded like an accordion to its full size, the bag starts to get lopsided depending on how you pack it, and like an accordion, can sink and rise on its own accord(ion). It didn't look very stable at its maximum volume, which on top of the said raincoat et al, was also able to contain my mesh jacket with its CE armour (!) all folded up. Not great in the long term for my jacket's back protector, which had to be bent quite a bit, but the volume means I can put almost everything inside the bag if I needed to. The straps that go around the bike seat are very easy to put on, but depending on your seat's shape, the straps could ride higher or lower along the seat. This means the clasps on the bag itself - which are on fixed parts of the bag - will be twisted to reach the straps' corresponding clips. I foresee it leading to some wear and tear in future. There are additional plastic loops at the clips, which I liked and were the deciding factor for me, as I was able to use a cable lock to further secure the bag to my bike seat. As a backpack, the bag is oddly shaped and doesn't sit well on the spine. I will never wear it as a pack if I had it in full accordion mode. But in a pinch... maybe. tl;dr: good materials and quality product, odd backpack choice, can double as a slinky if you expand it to full size and drop it down the stairs,

The way of sewing thumb part is the worst. There is a hard protrusion on the inside and it is painful because it is not being processed, so it will not be usable.
It probably is not actually tested by actually grasping Handlebar.

When I ride normally I bought it because it is a bash so I thought Cover to toe, but I did not feel Fit, Gap. I'm pretty interested in driving. I wonder if it's for Work boots? It's a bit disappointing though it's a DEGNER product.