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The price was fine, but I thought it was necessary to make an accurate air check and purchased it. You can rotate the free end freely and easily fit it to Valve, you can measure one shot. Also Gauge is also Large type so it's easy to see. There was an error of 20 kPa from what I was using until now.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
- I recommend Air Gauge from Asahi Kogyo from my friend and I thought that I wanted to buy something someday I wanted to buy Air gauge which I had salted in List, but it was cheap at Sale There is already something I finally got to purchase

【How was it actually used?】
- Since I do not have an Air Compressor, first I put in more air with a Floor pump and adjust it gradually with Button without Air. Since Gauge is large and easy to see, I succeeded in fitting to the set value perfectly
- With Air gauge I used so far, since Front's Disc Lock was Double, it was hard to measure and it always failed due to air leakage, but this air gauge made it firmly tightly attached only by Valve hitting

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
- If it says strongly, the length of Hose is 400 mm and it feels short

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
- Because it is a precision instrument, it is convenient to have a dedicated case

【Have you compared items?】
- None

- It is an expensive air gauge, but it is Items that I have with no damage. Recommended for people other than BridgestoneUser

Although I used several cheap items in the past, the measured value was not reliable, I have purchased this Air gauge that I registered for the long time ☆ I have wanted it according to SpringSale.
It is a good thing to make me think that I should have gotten sooner. Tire is the life of Motorcycle, let's first send a comfortable motorcycle life with proper air pressure (^^)

When I joined YOSHIMURATouring break last year, I brought Nitrogen filling to Bridgestone's service, but when I saw the service people are using it at that time, the blood of tool lovers is making noise.. But the price is high, too high as expected - - - Although I was giving up for giving up, I bought a bargain in Sale, and well enough points were also stored and it seemed that it was going to be a price that somehow could reach, so I clicked on it.

I tried using the item I received immediately, but Hose connecting Body and mouth Gold moves freely. I think this is the secret of ease of use.
The position of Valve is not always the same position, so it is slightly downward or upward
Since mouth gold freely turns, it is easy to apply to Valve Shoe ~, and it became possible to measure air pressure without becoming shy. This is a very important point in myself. There is something that can not be tolerated if the air pressure trying to make it the proper value goes wrong when we measure it.
Also, Rubber cover covering Body has flexibility, it feels like being full of feelings protecting from shock.

A little surprising is that there is no Hold function of measured value.
Well, I do not say Shoe, so even if there is no Hold function, there is nothing to worry about.

Knurl that is engraved in Red Anodized, moderation of adjustment Button,
It is full of luxury compared to the air gauge of Oomon which I used to date,
Something seems to have checked pneumatic pressure every time you ride.

It will not change to other goods already by Air gauge, and I did a good shopping.

When it is a cheap Gauge, when seeing the air pressure, it leaks out of Valve and it can not measure the exact numerical value, but BS Gauge does not have that kind of thing. Also useful for carrying around with Large Kimono.

I bought some cheap Air gauge, but as time went on I got doubt about accuracy and thought it was a bit expensive but I bought a reliable Tire maker made by BRIDESTON Ikkanaka Design is Parenthesis nice It was a little Large, but just putting it on Garage will be a picture. This time I purchased cheaply Large, I was lucky, I will use it forever Large.

Sneaky title on the title, sorry.

But there is no complaints!

1. It is easy to hit Valve and it is hard to leak air
2. Air bleeding from Valve Large easy to change air
3. Dial scale and needle are large Large and very easy to read
4. 200 kPa comes in handy in cold conditions in increments of 25 kPa

I mainly use it in Circuit, but Ritter
From Small Type car to incompatible.

Diffusion machine which used before (5,000 yen or less) It is,

- My neck does not turn or goes off immediately
- Air bleeding with Valve though it is difficult to bleed air
- I use Mesh hose but the worst we have to walk around
- It is difficult to see the scale board as Small

Anyway if you use this product without any complaints.

"Eh ~ ~ 10 thousand like Air gauge - - - "

I am the real one "Bankruptcy lost money" Human being
But, I really woke up using Kore.
Especially if you use it with Circuit, come on!

It attached to Devil Muffler SB-2 ZX9RC type Up type.A proximity exhaust noise clears 97db and a restriction value.Although
sound became small, a Torque grows fat and it becomes easy to ride (it returned ?).The growth from 7000 rpm was lost by the trade-off.Structure of the
Baffle is good and welding has also improved.I consider that it is better to advertise as an object for Silencer-type SB-2 regardless of the
vehicle type.Although I think that those who want to lower the noise of a Devil pipe are in large numbers potentially --