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DGF menyediakan jaket, celana dan pelindung bergaya adventure dan motocross. Riding gear DFG dikembangkan berdasarkan pengalaman para rider profesional untuk menciptakan riding gear yang berkualitas tinggi dan dirancang khusus untuk off-road.

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I love Rain Gloves because I like Off-road and I bought it.. First of all, the feeling of Fit is not good. Small was too much. When buying the basic, Manufacturer's Gloves of United States buy L Size. Recently 100%, ONE, Mechanicsetc. Although I bought it, I never complained about Size. As Japan's Manufacturer, if you are XL (Or, the biggest Size is XL?) Large I bought it as durable, but it was quite difficult to buy it. If it gets wet with rain it is hard to put in and it can not be helped. I think that Size does not match, but sewing has become frayed in a few months. I will not buy it again. However, MUD PASS Gloves is anxious, so maybe you will buy it at the preparedness to throw away your Gold?

I think Cushion quality is good.
That's the only good point.

Scale is written so as to Cut according to Size.
It is only Length. What about the width?
Since the width is rather broad, trying to put it in very common shoes does not enter.
There is also thickness, so if you put it by force, sideways will rise.
Or, I could not even put it in Boots.
It's the worst.

Replace Strap for DFGGoggles,
It can be diverted to other company's Goggles.

We used it for Repair of Goggles of our O company. I got the impression that the texture is better than the original Strap.

Because it is much cheaper than replacing Goggles itself, I think that it is good to use Coordinates in a mood to buy only Strap other than Repair.

Since I can not choose the Protection performance, star Zero, I attached one. It is a soft material and hardly absorbs shocks. Not to mention Race, as well as Touring, Trekking, etc., there is a high possibility of injury if you do not attach Protector on this.

Regular athletic shoes are 25. It is 0 cm and a little Takashi Keda's foot.
Purchase is S / It is M Size.
There was anxiety that Size was only 2 Pattern, but the making was solid, and it was perfect without running out of the calves even when Running.
I usually purchased 3 pairs of Short for wearing!

Impremented by using with ShortCircuit, but with a slip attached to the toe, it was Support of the part of Gray, and there was a feeling of tightening in a nice touch and I was able to Riding Fee Ring well in Boots.
It was a feeling that feet grip in Boots.
It's like Touring because it goes self-running to Circuit but it was comfortable even here.

However - - -
When Size is S / M common setting between 25 cm and 27 cm - - -
I wish you could split S with M and let Small a little Small ~. I have an extra heel. Lol

When wearing off-road boots, on the premise of wearing a knee's Guard, it has been a long socks of Over knee type (Image Right Side Type) Although I used it, it was a drawback that Socks drifted off as time went by.
So I decided to move to Spats + Short socks about seven minutes long, and I made a shirt sort of good looking.

As a boy who loves 5-finger socks from everyday, I really wanted a Type of 5 fingers, but for Motorcycle 5-finger type is rare. (Memory that was previously sold at Leotoani Moto in Kyoto ...)
It is not a compromise there, but like a socks thumb (In the case of feet it was called the first finger? I tried picking a separated Type only.

When I actually put it on, I could not wear it smoothly as I wear ordinary socks with feeling unexpectedly Tight. I think this is natural because it is also a product that also serves as a supporter. However, if you wear it, it is hard to tighten too tightly, there is moderate support power and you can rest assured.

Hopefully if you could sell 5 fingers Type, we decided to be ★ * 4.

As it became hot, I bought it as Inner when driving in Motocross.
Fit feeling tightened moderately will eliminate stiffness.
Even if I sweat it I am surprised.