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This gauge is a nice improvement over the original. The green display is brighter than the original blue, and the touch-sensitive area works just as well as the button. Installation was easy with instructions in both Japanese and English. The only problem is with the plastic mount that was included. The nut that is supposed to secure the screw would not fit properly in the mount, so the screw could not freely turn. There was so much tension on the nut that the nut stripped out the slot. In the end, I needed to wrap mounting tape around the bar to stick the mount to the bar.

Couplet-on, and it was danced in the singing phrase that it can be installed without processing and purchased it.
Install a few seconds of things removed Cover. It was really Couplet-on ....... surprised.
Wiring's handling is a beginner Level, but please refer to the picture .......

And more surprised was its performance.
Originally, my CROSS CUB with BigThrottle was an impression that somehow it was compensating in the automatic correction range of the ECU and running as it was.
However, we used O2 Sensor for this product "LoopBackControl function" There is a thing called, it is possible to trick the automatic correction of the ECU's fire correction easily to dilute the fuel to a dark eye or thin!
Moreover, from the smartphone !!! By wireless connection !!!! awesome !!! I was impressed !!!!!

I think that imagination will also be attached from the miserable after service that SampleData is not prepared, but this is called so-called "Gushi for fire" It is for.
If you turn backwards, if you are willing to motivate Customize the air supply and exhaust to match the fire, that is a great product.
Initially it is for Race and competition, so it is all self-responsibility to install. Self responsibility, it is a wonderful word. Motorcycle's Custom is a curse word.
For that reason, I am not correcting anything for beginners like me ? It is not so corrected "ZeroMap" It is Start from.
Since there are Q & A from the official type of Dirut Japan, detailed notes about setting, I think that Injection and Engine will be dead unless you write so bad Data. Let's read precautions properly.

Various people are disclosing hang and knowledge about the fire, so referring to the symptoms of the Engine and how to blow them, Idling's speed and Throttle opening "It will not break" I think that there is no choice but to just get along with the rugged range. I am also a series of trial and error.
Even if it is dark, it is useless, even if it is thin, now it is fun to explore as somewhere something good for this Custom ... It can not be helped (Lol)
Bottomless "Turbid swamp" is not it (Lol)
Besides, if you twinkle Axel gently with DigitalCHARGEPump, you can get a certain amount of fuel "In addition" In terms of spraying White has a feature. CHARGEPump, if you are a boy on a Motorcycle ride it is a word I admired once. It is a translation that this product will reproduce! It is amazing !!! Moreover, it can set finely based on Data such as Axel opening degree and Engine rotation number. This too "Swamp" is (Lol)

It is about twice the product of other companies' products, but we do not expect other companies to supply "By wireless" There is a big benefit of setting possible.
Remove Cover every time ...... PC take out ...... Harness Tsuna ... ... If you test again, please do not follow the procedure ...... If you are concerned, you can get a map from the smartphone on the radio with a little bit of the product I think that it is an advantage of Large.

Heavy Tune air supply / exhaust ? If you have a plan to Bore up or plan to fiddle from now on, you can absolutely recommend it as an upfront investment. It is such a product.

So, everyone, it's fun "Turbid swamp" Life (Lol)

I bought it for PCX jf 56 as being exclusive design.
When entering installation work, firstly, Bullet Terminal processing of the body side Harness is necessary for taking out the power supply. Well as this degree is good,
Next, when you branch from the water temperature sensor of the body with the attached Harness and connect it to Monitor, CheckLamp and water temperature warning light on the car body side and engine start difficulty. (The same symptom as when the water temperature sensor is missing) As a result of examination, the polarity was reversed.
Because Harness has a pretty thing in it, it will only attach as if attaching it, it will be.
Another one. Switching the display The line connected to Switch quickly got out. When breaking the skin of the Switch, the contents only give Solder but no support of electric wire.
Switch does not have any Waterproof so I'd like to buy a suitable Switch later.
I think that perfection degree is too low to sell at this price. (Or say as out item) Looking at Review, it seems that Large is sturdy in other models, so please be aware that Wiring is required for those who attach to PCX. I already scolded Wiring, so I will not return it.

CYGNUS X 3 type
Engine 125 cc ~ 156 cc (High-compression) , Idling is unstable, there are times when the Engine stops when opening Axel,
I added an injection controller, but I did a whole fuel up, but Idling is still a bit unstable so I searched for another controller and found Enigma's Controller
When I got it, Idling was able to set to Smooth from low speed to high speed steadily.
Also, until now, setting for acceleration, High Speed ??Oriented setting has been Weight Roller, but to some extent Weight Roller (Now 10 g × 6) If you decide, you can do it with a smartphone, so it's convenient.

It is good to be able to set it from Android, but if you do a certain operation it will restart and the settings you are working will disappear.
If you do not have an air-fuel ratio meter, setting is troublesome.
It would be nice if there was a function to automatically create a Map from the air fuel ratio.

Specify COSO Digital Temperature Indicator as Spec. I was damaged when I fell down with Circuit and replaced this time with Dellz JapanThermometer. Wiring attached to Instruction Manual street. It's pretty easy to understand and easy to make. If you get lost with other goods, you will not miss the difference.

The Instruction Manual is polite enough for anyone to have some tools
In my case I diverted it to other vehicles so I pasted it cut
The temperature is very easy to see and there is also a warning indication and I am very satisfied

If you make a mistake in interrupting Thermo for those who understand it will not be displayed properly
When diverted Thermo Sensoretc. Spec of. Please be careful

Mounting to MONKEYFI.
Even without attaching a post-attachment sensor every time, it is a pon attachment that just bite the OEM's sensor. Harness, Body installation Bracket etc. Cospa Height.
With FI Vehicles this hand Sensor comes with it from the beginning, so there is no hand that does not use this.

When installing and running run test it was up to 105 ° C (Outside air temperature 30 ℃ or more)
Is the oil temperature high as the sensor position is Head?
I also have Oil cooler and there is no way to lower the oil temperature any more so I will ride this way.