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Dimotiv memproduksi sparepart dengan desain yang modern dan tiada duanya. Dimotiv menawarkan handle, bodywork carbon, pelindung dan sparepart kualitas tinggi lainnya dengan harga terjangkau karena proses perencanaan, perancangan, produksi hingga perakitan dilakukan di pabrik mereka sendiri.

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I do not care what to do. In welding Swing Arm, it does not match the Bolt position. I think that it is not an individual problem, but .... Color is also cheap ~ Gold, low texture. I was in trouble.. Can I return it?

굉장히 만족합니다 배송도 엄청 빨리왔구요 제품 품질도 좋습니다 현재 주유구에 부착하여 사용중입니다 내구성은 상요해봐야 알겠지만 고민하고있으시다면 저는 개인적으로 추천해 드립니다 생각보다도 많이 이쁩니다 사이즈도 딱 맞구요 I am very pleased with the delivery of the product. If you are worried about durability, you know, I personally recommend it. The size is perfect.translated by Google Translator

It is attached to the 2018 model MT - 09 SP.
I think that construction is very beautiful and cheap if you think price. Still it is expensive, but ....
The Protector part got bigger than I thought. It seems to play a role of Protection or Slider well.
I am attaching R & G 's SliderMaintenanceHook acceptance, but it is a little disturbing to make Maintenance Stand. I think whether there is a problem if there is a slim Hook.

Stock by webike 1pc. As long as half the price Sale, I accidentally punched it.
Because MT - 10 is Kurukon 's relationship, Brake and Clutch' s Switch is special, so there is a high possibility that it can not be mounted properly unless it is a special item, but there was no problem at all.
Although feeling of use is not particularly characteristic, since the adjustment range of the Lever position is larger than NORMAL, I was able to adjust it to a position just right for myself.
What are the disadvantages of Foldable's fate, or is there a play in the moving parts of Lever. If you tighten up Nut it will be better..

I was looking for Adjustable's Clutch lever and I bought it because I found a bargain item.
The angle and the length can be adjusted with Foldable Design was also made fancy by the feeling of fashion.
However, since the clearance of the movable part is large and the backlash is concerned, it became a good feeling to adjust with Shim.
Although there is no description, the Lever ratio changes and the light stroke increases by the amount of Stroke.
Even if the angle adjustment was the closest I felt it was not the same as the position of NORMAL, so I will try to improve it if necessary.

Although it may be individual differences, I think that I was disappointed if I bought it at regular price.

Design also becomes a car body of Black in Carbon. I happened to keep it in stock and just purchased it.
I think that it is good to prevent scratches and thickness as well.
Just do not be aware of it because the Line next to Bolt is thin so that it can tear off.

The attachment of this increased the thickness and the grounding feeling became worse. It would have been nice if the product itself had an angle, but when it is placed on the ground it is horizontal so that the bottom will not be all grounded after installation.
Balance is bad, if you are going to use it, I decided to stop using it, but the sense of grounding to that is not getting worse so I used it like this for about a year, but I was about to fall there is no.
Just to be sure, I installed Screw lock on the installation Screw and applied it, but it feels like I'm getting loose unless I paint it.
It is necessary for caution that it took about one month to deliver or it can not be canceled after placing an order.

I installed it in BMW S1000R 2017
Clutch Side must be replaced with the included 8 mm color
I forcibly punched it because I do not have a tool for press-fitting, so Lever Body has quite a bit of scratches on it
Brake Side is quite close so I feel it is somehow farther away
Clutch Side has quite a wobble
Functionally it does not differ from NORMAL, so it's a feeling of Parts for appearance for the time being