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I tried wearing this item I was curious up to now

The attaching process is easier for those who can maintain Maintenance to some extent
Installation of full control body It is a point to watch out only because it is necessary to attach Bracket while bending with power technique w

As an impression attached
Torque has increased
Even if there is wind, the speed which did not come out so far comes out (Power is out
Easy map change with a smartphone easily
The exhaust sound changed (turning to a dry sound
Pickup is bad if you do not warm up, and it will often stall

Sometimes it is faulty at low revolution Sometimes Stall and twist Axel Stalls and stops Stopping it does not ignite Slightly uneasy

As a general comment is also putting anxiety and four stars.
I will try to use it and write something again

Product of Zero Gee is polite and looks very good with processing by NC.

OEM Product is an inexpensive material : Plastic, but here I am watching it with Aluminum's Cut-out and it will be Bird's Bird.

Although it is installation, since Length of Color and Bolt are different before and after, attention only there!

I was worried about putting a Sub computer, I made it here.
I made it here by saying & Waterproof that you can correct MAP with smartphone.

As for installation, I think that it is easy if you can exchange the exterior of the car body. I think that the time will be over in about an hour and a half. I just removed the Coupler and attached it to the attached Harness. I am pleased that we do not need any strange Wiring process.

After completing the installation, I can feel it even in low to medium speed range. Pretty Power is Mori Mori..
Because I am using Exhaust System as FMF, OEMECU had a feeling of being slow and slow..

After that, I tried to correct the map with the application from the smartphone I have. Ignition, fuel injection, rotation Limiter tamper, running again. In this state, the impression of the Engine of Motorcycle is different thing w

Although the price may be higher, it is convincing performance attached. In particular, I think that the performance is further changed to the Custom WR 250 R and WR 250 X.

Installation completed beautifully but installation Instruction Manual was suitable.
Simply put, remove the exterior Parts, remove the tank cap and cover Carbon Tank Cover. Restore. It was a feeling that it ended with. I thought that it was only covered, but because it was a degreasing agent with what I needed, I knew it would stop with Double-sided Tape. Since Clearance of Tank cap and Cover is Zero, I think Cover will be scratched round if Cap removes many times. That was disappointing.. I thought that Carbon shines in Polished and it is bonsai after all. ^ _ ^ I think that you can install it for as long as 30 minutes.

It purchased to the dress-up up! Wearing is very easy! Texture was also incurred very well and was a correct answer.
It is cool!