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Dirt Freak

Dirt Freak khusus menyediakan berbagai aksesoris dan sticker untuk sepeda motor trail, motocross, adventure, dan MTB.

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Head diameter 22? Head length 75? Full length 270? Mass 167 g and Small, but it will be useful if you work in a small place. Previously, I used Praghan of Orange made by Snap on from total plastic, but it broke with ParaPara while I was not aware and became unusable and I fell in love with this Hickory handle and bought it.

I like PB's Drivers, so this time I purchased only PB's Bit. I would like to make every driver I own own PB! "There are quite a lot of PB products that Webike can not purchase." So, if you can improve, I am grateful...

The reason for purchasing this PB Swiss grip Bit driver handle is that it can be exchanged only for the required Bit, that it can be stored in the Compact, and it fell in love with the texture of PB Swiss grip. In this case the tool box, which has become cramped, takes no place.

I was using a cheap pick tool, but several times to pierce the O-ring - - - You can also pierce your fingers..

You can also remove Ring that did not get stuck and that stuck firmly. The tip is exquisite.

Piercing Pick tool is working together to clean grooves of Ring removed.

I tried picking Piston seal with Brake Caliper Maintenance for this product, and I did Big re-use for ease of use.
The thinness of the tip - Perfect angle.
Truly made of PB!
1 pc for family and necessities.
I highly recommend it..

It was mainly used for taking out O-ring, but its use is various.
I took things away from a small place, gently picked it.
Truly made by PB. The angle of bend is exquisite.
It is useful to have 1 pc in the tool box.

This time may be different from the intended use, but I used it to remove the broken Bolt.

The center has strength, it firmly cuts into Screw, and the body part of Large Kisa with good furnishings with Round Type is familiar in hand and easy to use.

This was enough for 1 pc. (Lol)

Since tools increase in number and it is troubled by storage, the Hex socket is working using a Ratchet combining the Adapters of a Bit and a Bit.
PB is famous not only for a Driver but a Hex, and since it fits in firmly, the sense of security in the case of work is different.
Although well compared with wera products, does it give the impression of wera which does not hurt its Bolt hole easily due to PB which is high-precision and has few [ it is difficult to rank, and ] crevices, and field contact using me for both?
Although it is a product which buys it and is satisfactory, the wera is cheaper in price and I have mainly been using wera recently.*one was lowered in