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DIRTSKIN melindungi shock depan motor Anda dari lumpur, kotoran dan debu sehingga tetap menjaga performanya. Pelindung shock depan DIRTSKIN terbuat dari bahan yang tipis sehingga tidak menggangu kerja suspensi motor Anda.

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I ran for a year and a half like a galley place and so I used it hard so I used to gap a couple of times but did a good job. Since it is already torn and it is tattered, I will replace it with a new one, in use, there are no scratches on the Guard part, Oil leakage, it is perfect.

For 125 cc or more but written CRM 50 / Even at 80
Length and weight are matched with patch.
Just remove the Seat without removing the suspension
If you try while pinching the fabric with Radio pliers
Can be installed.
If you can, Silencer should be removed
It is easy to do.

I put on an expensive Rear shock, but the destination is mostly spotless
Only Wound will definitely arrive without being sure.
So I purchased it to prevent Wound. It is not a Rear shock for showing but it does not matter even if it is hidden.

When purchasing it was Frame painting, it was before Overhaul of Engine,
I attached it to ShockSingle Body and built Motorcycle.
So it was easy to securely attached to Beauty
I think that it is quite difficult in the state that Shock is attached to the car body.
There is no such thing as hindering driving especially.
Magic tape is solid.
It's the best if Material is like playing water.

I installed it on the WR 250X. It is a protection purpose of Rear shock, but it plays a solid role.
Although it took a while to do the work when the suspension was attached to the car body, it was not so much Large strange if you removed Parts like Sus mudguards.
The size of the product roughly plotted, Length is about 275? And the thickness grows, so it seems I can go until 85 π.

It also attached this to the previous Motorcycle and demonstrated its function to the end.
When it gets dirty it's enough to wash and durability is perfect

The installation is Magic tape, but it will not come to Gap if you do it without any gaps
I do not use the attached Tying Band.

Cover lightly around Shock and work from above Shock. Insert NosePliers from the gap between RightFrame and Side cover and pinch it to stop. Stop around the middle by putting your hands behind the Exhaust System. Put hand on the bottom to stop at the bottom. When installing Chain oil etc.. , Because it will adhere to Cover Parts cleaneretc. It is better to prepare. I think that it looks better as Red becomes Accent. The installation time took around 15 minutes. Image 3. Quantity : 1 Set of 4pcs. Eyes are Clearance with Exhaust System. About 1 cm free. I think that it will not be burned. Manufacturer recommendation is 5 mm.

I think people who run Off are essential. Fork Guard alone can not prevent dirt at all.
By protecting the sliding surface of Inner Tube, Damage of Seal is considerably reduced.
Although the installation itself is simple, since it only took about 5 mm to the Outer, I felt unreliable only with Tying Band, I gently pinched it with Fork Guard Guide.
As there is 20 cm on the Inner Tube there is something like a full bottom 30 cm sometimes sinks and I think that 10 cm longer would be better personally.
Invert Spec. There is a sense of security enough to think that it can be attached to Standard on the Off car.
This Recommendation.