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DRIVE merupakan anak perusahaan dari STRIKER, brand yang terkenal akan knalpotnya yang berkualitas tinggi dan sparepart performance mereka. DRIVE khusus memproduksi knalpot performa tinggi untuk motor Harley-Davidson, terutama model Sportster.

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Because the volume is modest, I think that it feels unsatisfactory to those who want to ride with explosive, but I would like to pass the vehicle inspection and pass the quiet ride It would be nice to those who care about neighborhood trouble
Performance is low speed is easy to use and setting is unnecessary ◎, but ... it is poor coming off and it is clogged when turning it upward ~ There is feeling
Installation should also be able to go without difficulties if you are working normally by yourself

A Sound very much fine with pure equivalent sound volume is played.The Style of 1 is a Recommendation 2 inches in those who want to avoid explosive sound roaring by liking.Although this is not a Titanium, when still compared pure, the point which becomes a remarkable weight saving is also charm.In the case of XL1200X, although it is necessary to change a Forward control into a Mid control, it can equip satisfactorily in the combination of the Mid-step Kit of Tramp, and a general-purpose Peg.However, I would like to mind considering the following points as precautions for use.If an Air cleaner with high
and suction efficiency is attached, fault will come out.Since the Exhaust pipe on
and the backside becomes an elevated temperature considerably, a Heat guard is indispensable.Although it was stated as
and automobile inspection correspondence, it was not necessarily guaranteed (eventually based on judgment of inspecting space and an inspector).

Cling to the 2010 models 883R.
There is only striker make of reliance and quality is a cinch.
It is not noisy, although a silencer is a straight configuration and a sound is a heavy low system.
I think that it is comparatively felt as the sound of an adult bundle compared with the external muffler for other harleys.
Therefore, he can turn and enjoy himself to high rotation without constraint also all over a town.
Power up is ordinarily realizable if compared with the normal muffler with which it was heavy and got contents blocked efficiently.
It is a muffler recommended to those who want for a car body to also become [ those ] light and to run happily by a sportster.

They are a style, sound, and large satisfaction.
There was neither sound volume nor after fire as which the heavy low is effective with sufficient HODO, and Power UP is perfectly felt by bolt on and of which 笙ェ worries were done.
Although the manufacturer was questioned at the time of attachment, correspondence was also promptly carefully and very good.