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It will be exchanged from OEM
Since it is not a car that runs with high revolution
Up to now I was riding at around 5 to 6,000 rpm
I changed the filter so much so I tried it at 9000 rpm at high speed
Rotation rose without Stress
It is pleasant to run and run
I was glad to exchange it.

The installation was able to be mounted more easily than K which was installed in front. I feel inspiration is getting better. At first purchase We purchased Oil and Cleaner as soon as it is delicious whether Oil is attached as in the review. However, before painting Oil and leaving it longer than the Instruction Manual time, the extra Oil was Stain, it was still in the Vinyl bag. Again I thought that I had soaked the necessary use from the beginning. Since I have just started using it, durability is going on now. Body and Oiletc. Cospa is slightly expensive with purchase, but I am satisfied.

After Burner changed to YOSHIMURA's Full Exhaust System
I thought that much burden would be imposed on Engine
So I tried putting DNA and I am satisfied because I got quite reduced and I ran comfortably

I used Air Filter of K Company until last Season but now I tried to purchase this product daringly. Installation, feeling of Fit is better than previous one. I have not gotten much distance yet, but I feel I'm getting better and better. Motorcycle itself is a 20 year player so I think that even a little is good. From now on, the durability will be Cost slightly higher and ★ 4 items. Impression may change when you get on more. But I think it's a good one.

I bought it as a substitute + α because the former Owner had removed Air Filter for whatever reason. When inserting, the side surface on the back side is a curved surface, and the side surface on the front side is a straight surface. In such a case, when the product Front is combined, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Is the opposite of the font, that is, it becomes upside down. Then Just fit to Air cleaner Housing of F650 Funduro.

The Silicon part of BMC Filter was broken and changed.
The thickness of the Filter part is about half that of BMC. Because of that, I feel a bit more comfortable than when I was in BMC
I was.
BMC was a feeling of forcibly placing a lid, but the item here got stuck and its durability looks good.

It is saved like Cost in that it can be used permanently.

It can not fit unless you put in a lot of hardships to install it.

Other than that there is no dissatisfaction.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
I decided to buy a Replace Air Filter that can replace the Air Filter when it is time to replace it and can reuse it with Cleaning.
The air filter of GSX-SSeries uses the same one as the current type of GSX-R, but because the shape of Air cleaner box is slightly different, it is impossible to use things of the type protruding like K & N.
There are several types that are not extending over there, but a permanent guarantee (Conditional) I picked the DNA Air Filter caught in the singing phrase.

【How was it actually used?】
There is no particular change with OEM Air Filter.

"Repeated Cleaning and Using Expensive External Air Filter" Or "Buy OEM Air Filter every time" Although it is a controversial controversy, I have an outside air filter "I struggle with the hardships I have run to here" Love to feel like cleaning

【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】
It seems that there is nothing particularly difficult if it can be disassembled enough to reach the Air cleaner box.
There is one Bolt securing the lid of the Air cleaner box one at a time and one at the bottom of the hole blocked by the middle Rubber cap, so a long, long Driver is needed.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
As far as outside air filter is concerned, I think that it is slightly expensive.
this time "Lifetime warranty" And Active as DNA handling service was called MaintenanceCampaign and it was also serving filter oil, so we chose this product, but if it did not, we might have chosen cheaper ones from other companies.

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]

【Have you compared items?】
BMC Air Filter