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Dog Fight Racing melanjutkan pengembangan produk mereka dengan berpartisipasi dalam dunia balap dan mereka memproduksi sparepart racing high performance. Dog Fight Racing menjual knalpot, chamber, rearset, fairing dan lainnya.

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CBR 250 RR Steering Damper is the only Bolt On installable to MC 51.
Because it is mounted on Top Ridge, Clamp Bar etc can not be installed. Even if you sacrifice them, the stability of the Handlebar operation body is preeminent! There is no thing that you can take the Handlebar with a little gentle step or Gap! The only drawback is that the price is high place

Because I removed the Chamber for Engine overhaul I exchanged it as a good opportunity.

I think that the design itself sandwiching O-ring between Chamber Body-Flange is very conscientious, but O-ring Quantity : 1pc. With over 800 yen...

If you are a bit cheaper, I'm willing to exchange frequently...

It is in use at YZF-R3.
When installed in the top Bridge, it fairly tilted forward a lot.
YZF-R3 / You can enjoy 25 with Sporty Position.
I also have a firm texture, as expected is like DogFire RACING
(for RaceParts so Instruction Manual None. )
(Drilling required)

Personally I am ideal and I am 100 points perfectly, but please pay attention to the town ride Main.

? Interference with Cowl
If you put it under the top Bridge, you can not turn the Handlebar to full. Throttle Cable and Lever interfere with Cowl and FBrake's Reserver tank interferes with Meter. In addition to high throttle addition, I restricted Handlebar turning angle with Handlebar Stopper, changed the whole BrakeUnit and responded. (If it is CircuitMain it's rather that much Position that we attacked is Large correct answer)

? Inner Weight None
There is no Inner Weight. The burden of the wrist is Large by Long touring as it is.

People who do not mind these, because they will take measures against Large Durable people, more R3 / Recommend this product to those who want to raise the Sports nature of 25.

So far SEA BASSRGV 250 Γ (VJ23A) HondaNSR250R
(MC28) I was on board.
Γ - When I was NSR I was enjoying with Full normal.

When returning last summer, the current car TZr 250 R
(3XV Full normal car) Enjoy Touring and buy Exhaust Chamber, the real thrill of 2-Stoke
I thought that I wanted to experience and exchange, purchase DogFire RACING's Exhaust Chamber (Purchase is a certain Motorcycle supplies store Sorry for Webike)

Compared with OEMExhaust Chamber before installation, it is light first
I thought that it would contribute to the weight saving of Motorcycle just by surprise exchange.
Although it is the impression that it ran after installing, if it is replaced with ReplaceExhaust Chamber, it seems that it will be hard to handle the low speed range
I thought, but there is not much difference compared with OEM, and at 5000 to 8000 revolutions Power - Both Torque up and go from 8000 rpm to full power at a stroke along with Racing sound, becoming full power, with Exhaust Chamber exchange For the first time experiencing sudden change, while power up
The power band becomes wider, which makes it easier to handle,

I can not say that Exhaust Chamber itself is inexpensive
Finish welding of Stainless Steel Exhaust Chamber - It is good to buy it if you see the texture.

Demand is considerably reduced compared to the old days Even now it is very appreciative that we are producing the Exhaust Chamber
Well, I thought that I wanted to work hard.

Just changing Bush only improved the Large.
It seems that Color side does not decrease so much
It is good that you can purchase it as prevention because the old car does not know when the parts will run out.