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Dogfish memproduksi knalpot berperforma tinggi untuk Honda CBR1000RR dan Yamaha YZF-R25. Knalpot Dogfish dapat memaksimalkan performa mesin motor sehingga sesuai untuk balapan.

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It is used in conjunction with CarbonPad of former Crab, PROJECT μ. Rear can be used for glum without any problem. Finishing details (chamfering of disc end face etc.) Is very polite unlike other Manufacturer. The effect is perfect. I ran about 5000 kilometers, but it does not seem to be diminishing. It seems to be durable.

It is used in conjunction with brembo's 4PCaliper, PROJECT μ's CarbonPad. Initial braking works well. It is easy to control with a linear feeling to some extent. I want you to work with a gut The most innermost part is probably the nature of Pad, but I want you to take another step. I think that it is perfect as Rotor.

For Grom, Pin interferes with Caliper support. It was OK as Active Support.

Because I was suffering from Piston return which seems to be due to lack of heat capacity of Normal rotor I was considering various things for improvement.


As a result of suffering with the three choices of.

GALE SPEED had a heavy feeling and it was dismissed as the finish was not so beautiful.
Although HRC is thick, it is judged subtle because the number of floating pin does not increase.
So it became SUNSTAR.

I also considered PremiumRACING, but the end face is black finish ...

Installation is unquestionable Bolt-on, because chamfering of Edge part is polite, Caliper's attachment is also hard to get caught It is a good feeling.

Fe Ring at Breaking, but the response of braking force to input has become more linear. At the time of Normal rotor, I thought that this was Large as I was hard to use the back with a reaction like a quadratic curve.
Personally I like the fact that the gorillized Noise at the time of hard braking has decreased, but as the sound that the pad is scraped off is made, it feels like being scraped and smiles and it makes me laugh.

Sales story that I told at the Events booth said at Street youth that he wanted me to inspect 20000 kilometers as a rough guide, I think that I will look at the situation regarding durability from now on.

For reference, NORMAL, Pad is ZCOOCeramic sintered in footwear in SC 59, 2016 (Not Type C) is.

But orginal super four front break disc is 3.5mm. This sun star is 4mm. I don't know if would damage my break calliper overtime or not. But I trust Japan product. I hope it can last me at least 2-3 years for me. Because orginal breakdisc is not cheap at all!

When he stepped on a falling object, he seemed to hit Disc Lock, too, the disc was distorted to an invisible degree.
Although it was able to ride as it was a little worrisome although it was able to get timed to get the braking force periodically periodically, the difference between BrakeFeel at the beginning of running and hot after Breaking was very uncomfortable I bought this product I had been worried about since it is not good on mental health. Brake Pads also changed to OEM Same Product at the same time, so it can not be said that evaluation of pure disc only ....

BrakeFeel is completely different. Braking so that Front fork sinks smoothly without using a damn. Although the braking force itself did not go up, the operation became Large songs because the operability of Brake improved. If it is Long touring then I think the difference is evident. Since we are running only under 40 kilometers, we have not finished hitting, but it was felt that it was still fully controllable. We do not understand the increase in rotational inertia due to the weight increase of disc because it is neither Racer nor a running shop. The appearance texture is Large in taste without complaint.

Supplementary information : Immediately after the replacement, it sounds from Brake at the time of braking, but it seems to fit in using it for a while.

* As for installation, I asked the purchased Motorcycle shop, so I will not touch it.

จานดิสเบรค NSR 250 ของ Sunstar เป็นจานที่ออกแบบมาสวยงามและคุณภาพดีเยี่ยม เหมาะที่จะใส่กับรถ nsr 250 ของเดิมได้เลย The Sunstar's NSR 250 disc dish is a beautifully designed dish and excellent quality. Suitable to fit with the car nsr 250 of the original.

I used brembo Floating
I was concerned about the sound at low speed and beyond Gap
I changed it to semiFloating of SUNSTAR
I am satisfied with my handedness.

I bought it with Brembo caliper.
I am satisfied with the compatibility well! I was worried with other Manufacturer but after all SUNSTAR is good COSPA ^ _ ^