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Domino menjual grip stang yang berdesain elegan dan praktis serta memiliki beragam pilihan warna dan gaya, seperti dua warna atau monokrom, bergaya racing, on-road, off-road, trial, dan lain-lain. Pilih sesuai selera dan gaya berkendara Anda!

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This domino Street Type Grip perfectly fits my honda cb190r (both the length and size). The texture is really good and a little bit sticky.

We exchanged from five ones that are divided into three of the Kawasaki's Carburetor Vehicles generation OEMGrip. I do not know if someone can sympathize, but thanks to Line it is a Grip that feels 2 to 3 mm thicker than Grip Body. (Although it is subjective) The Grip of this Race type is made quite narrowly and it seems that it is thin by about 5 mm when it is not measured from the above-mentioned Kawasaki's Grip when measured. Normally, because there are many round trips of 100 km range, we have improved the operability compared to the vibration coming from the narrowness of Grip. When it is time to use Winter Gloves, since Gloves' batting will inevitably affect the operation of Lever and Throttle, not only the Small people in other impresions but also those who want to seek operability even if you use Winter Gloves I would like to Recommendation to. It seems to be somewhat higher than other companies' products, but it is a difference of several hundred yen, so why not try it by all means.

Since the original Grip is obsolete obviously, I looked for a similar thing.

Older cars with end CloseType have little difficulty in their choices. This TZ Type is satisfying more than expected with both Design and grasping comfort.

Wae Big has a lot of assortment and you can find things that you can find carefully.

우선 배송이 너무 빨라 깜짝 놀랬네요. 2주이상 걸릴것 같아 잊고 있었는데 너무 빨리 왔습니다. 빠른 배송 너무 고맙습니다 ^^ 도미노그립을 처음 써보는데 그립감은 정말 최고인것 같습니다. 손에 감기는 듯한 느낌은 라이딩에 더욱 집중하게 해주는것 같습니다. 최고! 주변 다른 라이더들이 도미노그립을 쓰는 이유를 알겠습니다! 색상 선택에 고민을 많이했는데.. 색감도 촌스럽지 않은 파란색이라 바이크에 장착시 너무 튀지도 않고 너무 예쁘네요. 제품 가격도 한국에서 구입하는 가격보다 저렴하게 사서 만족합니다. 주변 친구들에게 너무 추천하고 싶은 물건이네요. 위바이크에서 헬멧도 구입하고 그립도 구입하고 최근에는 바이크 미니스탠드도 구입했는데. 가격도 저렴하고 좋은 품질의 물건이 많아 자주 이용하는 것 같습니다. 앞으로도 자주 애용하겠습니다 ^^ 고마워요~ First of all, I was surprised because the delivery was too fast. I forgot to take more than two weeks, but I came too soon. Thank you so much for fast delivery ^^ I try to use a domino grip for the first time. The feeling of being wrapped in your hand seems to focus more on riding. Best! I know why other riders around me are using domino grips! I had a lot of trouble choosing color. I do not bounce too much when mounted on a bike because it is so uncolored coloring is too beautiful. The price of the product is also cheaper than buying it in Korea. It's something I'd recommend to my friends nearby. I purchased a helmet from the upper bike, bought a grip, and recently bought a bike mini stand. The price is cheap and there are many good quality items and it seems to be used frequently. I will continue to use it often ^^ Thank you ~(translated by Google Translator)

Installed in CYGNUS X SR.
It is 126 mm so it's a bit more end.
The feeling of grasping looks is also very good, but the m and n parts of dominoLogo have come off in 3 days after wearing ^ ^;
(It is a good story if you do not mind ,,,)
I think that the part of Logo did not have durability originally or I drew Hapap.

Exchange with Throttle tube with Handlebar change.
Fit feeling and softness are also comfortable compared to NORMAL.
The color matched Motorcycle.

Design is really nice ~ is not it?
Logo bought Green color.
Kawasaki's Green body well matches!
I installed it on the Ninja 650.
I feel it is just right to cut the length adjustment.
I wish I could make it cut from the beginning.

Length with STD Handlebar does not match delicately.
Because it is a little long, when cutting the length adjustment cut it will be the same length as Normal grip. Axel side can see the White cousin at the base of Axel throttle. Design The best.